Making of 3D Glasses with Easy Available Items

3D glasses

There are a number of stereoscopic 3D photos and videos available on the Internet. But to watch some of the videos and images, there is a requirement for the 3D Glass. At that moment when you want to watch a 3D video on your laptop or computer and unfortunately you aren’t having a 3D glasses, then you need not go out to buy one for you.

It is a simple process to make a 3D glasses at your home with the easily available items. Just you need to spend a maximum of 10 minutes.

Method 1 :

Things required to make it are as follows:

  • Chart paper
  • Cardboard or a thick paper sheet
  • Blue Cellophane paper
  • Red Cellophane paper
  • A pair of scissors, Cutter and Glue

Step 1 : Draw your own design of the 3D glasses on the Cardboard or thick paper with a pencil as three parts, i.e.,two temples and the frame as shown below. After drawing them separately on the cardboard or the thick paper sheet, cut them out using a pair of scissors so as to have a sturdy frame.

3D glasses

Step 2 : Make sure that the eye holes and the area for the nose are cut properly. Always you never wish your skin to get sore, or the cardboard or paper to block or disturb your visibility. Hence cut out the sides in the same way.

Step 3 : Take the red cellophane paper and cut it in the same shape slightly more than the eye holes. Again cut the blue cellophane paper in the same size. Then stick both of them on the front of the eye holes to appear like glasses. Be sure to remember that the red cellophane paper must be stuck on the left and the blue on the right.

3D glasses

Step 4 : Now stick the temples on both sides of the frame correctly with the help of glue. Keep aside the setup to dry for a few minutes.

That’s all! Your 3D glasses are ready. Now you can watch 3D videos and images on the Internet in your laptop or computer.

Method 2 :

3D glasses

This is another simple method to have your own 3D glasses with you. It takes less than the time taken to make 3D glasses in the previous method.

The materials required are:

  • An old pair of sunglasses
  • Blue and red markers
  • cotton or any soft cloth

Step 1 : Take the pair of sunglasses which is left in your home without use. Clean it with a cotton or soft cloth.

Step 2 : Take the blue marker and sketch it on the right side of the glasses completely without leaving even a small gap on it. Likewise, sketch the red color with the red marker on the left side.

3D glasses

Step 3 : Keep the glasses aside to dry for a while.

Now a pair of 3D glasses is ready to use. You can watch any 3D images or videos using these glasses.

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