Download videos using magic


Google started operating and controlling one of the most wonderful and most visited video website in the world since the past years. There has always been trouble everywhere. The trouble isn’t the trouble of watching video. On concord, it’s the trouble of downloading them. It’s illegal to download youtube videos maximum but today that’s what everyone do.

Downloading of videos from youtube brings joy to some people, tech webmasters has done so many things to make it a reality such as using website. For instance, and application such as Tubemate and the rest.


The best way to download youtube videos without stressing yourself by opening another website or downloading another application. This is short, simple and surprising.


How to Download Videos from Youtube with the word Magic

Don’t get surprised because of the word MAGIC as it’s used to add Magic in between “You”(Magic)”Tube”. 

You have to enter the word “magic” in-between to download the video into your phone and your download begins immediately.

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