Add Animation to a slideAdd Animation to a Slide

An Animation is a helpful path to present the slides look dynamic in Google Slides for presentation. There is also another great way to reveal objects or text in one step on a slide at a time. You can Add animation to a Slide, As an example, you will have 5 bulletins of text and reveal them one after the other on the slide with every click on it.

Open the Animations pane to do animations on a slide, There are 3 methods to open the pane:

  • Open a slide and go to the View menu and choose Animations. The Animations pane appears on the right side of your screen.
  • Choose a shape and move to the Insert menu and select Animation. As the Animations pane appears on the right side of your screen.
  • Right click on a selected shape and then select Animate.

Add Animation to a Slide

The options available in the Animations pane are:

  • Open the Fade in the dropdown menu to select how you would like a selected shape to appear.
  • Click the On click menu to put the timing for the shape’s animation.
  • Alter the speed of each shape’s animation by choosing a speed along the Slow, Medium or Fast spectrum.

Add Animation to a Slide

A slide adds many animations to add as you need, with a single animation per shape. For doing animation to a shape and to add the shape,  click +Add animation in the Animations pane when that shape is selected,  or right click the shape and select Animate.

Add Animation to a Slide

Animations in the Animations pane has screened the order in which animations takes place on the slide. Once if an animation is sorted as a list in the Animations pane, you can drag an animation up or down to modify the order in which shapes appear or disappear on the screen. To erase animations from a shape, Tap Delete next to that animation entry.

To test a series of animations on a slide, Tap the Play button.

Note: The Cube, Gallery and Flip transitions don’t work when viewing a presentation in Internet Explorer.

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