Websites For TV Shows and Movie Soundtracks

Websites For TV Shows and Movie Soundtracks

It’s music in most of the movies that take out and make the movie. Not every movie but a few are there which people would like to listen to the Sound of music. I think almost all the people love music depending on their situation. Music is one of the most important things that can change a person’s state of mind and atmosphere. Rather, it can be said as the soundtracks, the sound recording on a narrow strip of motion picture film which runs with the image.

These soundtracks can be obtained from suitable websites. Also, TV shows soundtracks are available on some websites. Which are those websites in particular? How to find these websites for TV shows and movie soundtracks.

Here is a list of website for TV shows and movie soundtracks. Get your favorite list of songs from any of these websites.

1. Tunefind:

Tunefind is one of the best websites for soundtracks from TV shows. This website consists of a list of all the soundtracks of the more recent ones from the top. All these soundtrack lists are prepared from user contributions. Users also get to validate a soundtrack as belonging to the show or not.


This website lets you get album reviews critics and external purchasing links in a case where you would like to buy the album. This website consists of more than 30,000 titles of soundtracks. Podcasts are the selection to head to and these podcasts are downloadable. They also allow you to see the list that runs down on the Original Soundtrack (OST) scene.

3. Soundtrack Info Project:

This website is quite easy to search for a soundtrack because of the presence of search box and also the alphabetical listing. You can use either of these to find your favorite list of the soundtrack. Also, you can search the song database it the movie title, song title, singer’s name, composer’s name, or performer’s name. Each album has its own list of movie soundtrack Questions and Answers. So you can even drop a question regarding any particular song.

4. Cinemusic:

This is a website that gives you the dope on OST on a backdrop of a well designed dark theme. The soundtrack preview consists of the complete track list for the film OST. One of the drawbacks about this Cinemusic is that it doesn’t consist of the soundtracks from the latest releases.

5. Heard on TV:

This website is a bit similar to Tunefind that contains its user-generated content of TV Soundtrack list. Apart from iTunes and Amazon, the songs are linked to YouTube videos. The YouTube link helps you to listen and watch the titles for free. This website lets you upload song clips for identification with the help of the community. So it clears your memory cells by this.

6. AdTunes:

This website is simply a guide to music used in Television for commercial uses. It carries information about TV shows, film soundtracks, video games, movie trailers, and more. It has individual sections like forums, news, links, and a store. This website looks like a combination of blog and forum. You can browse through the content in the website with the help of the navigation bar that can be seen on the top.

7. Streaming Soundtracks:

This website is an internet radio station that lists the music from movies and TV shows. You can request for your favorite song and participate in community discussions with just a registration that is done for free. You can even listen to the music in high quality 128 bit.

8. Momupl:

The Momupl website came from the “Movie Music Player”. When you type the name of the movie, you will hear an OST pick from the movie. But the thing is you won’t get all the tracks, instead, it’s one of the best ways to listen to movie tunes.

9. Soundtrack Geek:

This website is a search engine for movie scores and soundtracks. The mother site of this search engine is called as Soundtrack Geek which is a quality movie music review site. The search engine connects you to a variety of sources for OST reviews and info. Most results will, of course, put you on Soundtrack Geek’s page which also has all the track listings and sound clips from Amazon. The site’s Resources page is also a launching pad for further information.

10. IMDb’s Soundtrack Browser:

The Internet Movie Database has all the music and soundtracks related to the scenes’ backdrop. You can even browse the lyricist’s own performances using the search engine. Also, you can directly go to the movie page directly and tap on certain soundtrack listed on the left side column. You can check for the availability of sound clips for movies and TV shows. For this click on “External Links” followed by “Sound clips”.

These are all the best websites for TV shows and movies soundtracks that will help you download your favorite list of songs and soundtracks. These soundtracks include backdrop music, songs, the music behind the scenes, and many.

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