How A Hormone Imbalance Can Cause Weight Gain

Hormones Responsible For Weight Gain In Women

The body weight increases to some people without any reason. Even with the strong training and diet, the body weight keeps increases. Some people are tired of knowing the reason behind this. Simply gaining body weight is easy. But reducing body weight is tougher one. If you eating much food or don’t do workout or exercise, you can try to do workout plan and get out of the body weight.

When the body weight increases without knowing any reason then it is difficult to reduce it. At that time you can check if you can take the appropriate treatment to get rid of body weight. What kind of reasons for body weight gain in women! Let’s see it.


The hormones that are secreted in your body can monitor the entire body as a supervisor. Regulates and stimulates to work properly. Usually, hormones are secreted by the glands. The hormone secretions are monitored and regulated by the respective organs. For example, the pancreas secretes insulin that controls sugar levels. Problems in the secretion of these hormones can have a number of effects. Its main symptom is the weight gain or decrease in body weight. Let’s look at the hormones which cause the body weight.



The pancreas secretes insulin. It controls the amount of glucose in the blood. Eating excessive fast foods, high carbohydrate foods reduce insulin secretion. Even if insulin secreted, it won’t work. That is the type 2 diabetes.

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How can you fix

Diabetes Type II - ObesityYou should exercise at least half an hour. Dill, pumpkin which gives sour taste should eat daily at dinner. Ragi and wheat-based foods should be eaten daily by measuring. You have to drink too much water. If you do this, you can put your body weight under control.

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This is one of the biggest effects women suffer. Body weight will get increased when the hypothyroidism decreases. This reduces the body weight while the hypothyroidism increases. Obesity, constipation, and fatigue are symptoms of hypothyroid.

Raw foods Thyroid - Body Weight gain

What is the solution?

Do not eat foods raw. Good food should be eaten. Pumpkin seeds, vitamin D, and fish foods should be taken much. Hypothyroid should be treated well.

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Junk Foods - Estrogen

Estrogen is the most important sex hormone in women. It produces menstruation and gives the feminine attributes and morphology. Besides, many diseases such as heart diseases, breast cancer, etc. are prevented by estrogen secretion. When estrogen secretion reduces, it may lead to body weight gain. Similarly, secretion of estrogen stops after 50 years of age. Weight will increase mostly at that time.

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High-fat foods should not be eaten. Women should not touch fast foods. If you eat flavored vegetables, fermented nutrients, and fruits, estrogen secretion will be increased smoothly.


Cortisol secreted by the adrenal gland. This cortisol secretion can be triggered when you are suffering from depression, anger, and anxiety. This cortisol regulates the energy available to the body. But bad eating habits, or are always under stress, will continue to be sensitive to cortisol. This leads to obesity.


Hear Music to reduce stress

Find ways to reduce stress. Good food should be eaten. Keep your mind relaxed by doing yoga or hearing music. After few weeks the hormone comes under control and the body weight will reduce.


The testosterone for men’s hormone is less susceptible to women. It strengthens the density of the bone and the muscle. But some people don’t have the secretion of testosterone because of age. This makes the bone weak. Obesity will occur.



Flax seeds, whole grains, vitamin C, zinc-rich foods should take in the most of the dishes. Continuous monitoring of testosterone levels should be observed.


You have noticed that some people are sleepless for the whole night. The melatonin hormone is the reason behind that which gives sleep. This hormone secretion will increase throughout the body from the evening. This melatonin is secreted more in dark times. So we are sleepy. But if you do not sleep at the time of secretion, it can affect the melatonin secretion. The result is obesity.

Melatonin Sleepless nights


Make it a habit to sleep on time. Good sleep improves your metabolism. Thus, the entire organs can do their work properly and help keep the body weight right.

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