Many seniors are living on the sunny coast of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. It is not surprising that the elderly love this region because of the sub-tropical climate that offers great all-year-round weather. There are no snowstorms to worry about in this region. Because of the high senior population, aged care Brisbane is a top concern. You want to give the elderly the freedom to move around, at the same time, you want to protect their more fragile bodies and keep them safe.

High Tech Gadgets to Keep Seniors Safe in Their Homes

Nowadays, many seniors and their family members have found a way to compromise. By leveraging technology, everyone can now monitor health, administer medication, and provide a quick response in case of an emergency. Modern devices now offer seniors and their family members peace of mind to help address their unique needs.

Consider these top tech tools that help with aged care in Brisbane to make living less dangerous for people in their twilight years:

Using Wearable Heart Monitors for Remote Tracking

Lightweight and high-tech sensors that can be worn round-the-clock to gather real-time data is a great device that can track seniors at all times. Their data gets forwarded to doctors and caregivers for tracking, so if there are any changes, seniors and family members can be alerted.

Information that can be submitted includes the following:

  • MCT or mobile cardiac telemetry
  • CEM or cardiac event monitoring
  • Ambulatory ECG or walking electrocardiogram
  • Regular heart rate monitors to detect arrhythmia

Setting Up Alarms and Emergency Measures

Some aged care service providers install alarms strategically over a senior’s home. In case of an accident, this sends a high-tech signal that will alert family members and the nearest emergency response team. Thanks to wireless technology, these alarms are now more comfortable to use, making your seniors adequately prepared to deal with any untoward situation. This can be used with senior-friendly smartphones.

Seeking Help from Home-Cleaning Bots

These nifty little gadgets spare seniors with brittle bones and aching joints from constantly bending down to clean up messes. Because these smart gadgets are alert, they quickly take out spills and other dirty issues that can potentially cause an accident. These high-tech robots run on self-timers and can recharge on their own in their charging stations, so they can continuously help clean the home, keeping it safe.

Installing Safety Sensors

You can install motions sensors and CCTV cameras to monitor your loved ones daily. Having this all over the house will calm your worries because you can see what’s going on with the beloved senior citizen in your life. These sensor data and footage can now be transmitted over the internet, so you can see real-time on your smartphone what is going on with your loved one. You can instantly see if something is amiss with these high tech installations.

Providing Medication Managers

One of the by-products of old age is weakening memory. If your elderly loved one always forgets to take their medicines, provide a smartwatch that will tell them when it is time to take their meds. Some are even so high-tech that they work with a pill-dispenser. The smartwatch can also double-time as an emergency alert system and a pedometer.

Putting-in Stovetop Sensors

Some companies have crafted a sensor for stove-tops that are left unattended. This sensor eliminates potential fire hazards should your senior forget that something is cooking on the stove. Automatic shut off valve with a motion mechanism helps monitor the activity in your kitchen. When something feels awry, this will automatically turn off all the powerful burners. There is also an automatic gas safety shut-off valve for added protection.

Bottom Line

With these high-tech gadgets and aged care in Brisbane, people no longer have to dread growing old and losing independence. If you have seniors in your lives that don’t want to move to an assisted living community because they love their homes, adding these safety monitors will give you all the peace of mind and the added protection. Seniors may be on the last leg of their journey on this natural cycle of life, but it doesn’t mean their quality of life has to suffer. Providing them with these innovations means they can still enjoy their lives to the fullest without compromising their safety.

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