The recent pandemic has really turned things upside down.  Some people can’t go to the gym yet, some even fear to ride the bus or train.  The good thing, however, is that cycling has become an option – both for exercise and as a way to get around. So, enjoy this list, crafted by writers.


Buy local. Get a bike from a nearby shop.

Despite virus restrictions, many local bike shops are open as some in the medical front line are choosing to cycle to work to stay safe. This means that they are open to serve you too.

At a local bike shop, you can get a bike that actually fits YOU.  You can test options out and customize it according to your preferences, something that may be difficult to do if ordering online.  But more than that, you get to be of help to the community as everybody is hurting.

Ensure you’re comfortable before going out

Many beginning cyclists are excited to take their first bike for a long ride, even if they don’t feel comfortable yet on their bike.  But doing so can either lead to a lot of unnecessary aches and pains or an accident. Even if your local bike shop helped you out, only you can tell if you feel good when riding it.  So readjust the saddle height as needed and make sure you can quickly start, stop, and dismount without getting hurt before you plan your first journey.

Learn some quick repairs

Unexpected incidents can occur at any time.  So it helps to know how to make quick repairs when needed, even if your bike is new.  This means learning how to reinsert your chain, fix your brakes, and repair a punctured tire.

Staff at your local bike shop can be of help with this. If not, there are many videos online that can teach you the basics before your first road trip.

Stay confident when riding

Being on the road for the first time can be scary, especially when biking around the city. But since cyclists are road users too, you should not be afraid to take up space on the road.

If there are no bike lanes where you live, stay at least a meter from the road’s edge.  This gives you ample room to go around obstacles and encourages vehicles to consider your position when they choose to overtake.

Take things slowly

A popular thing for many cyclist is to go on very long road trips.  This tests their mettle while exploring places they don’t normally visit.

As a beginner, this is something exciting to look forward to.  But don’t commit to something difficult right away.  Even if the terrain is relatively flat, if you are still new to cycling, you won’t have the stamina yet to finish the journey well.  Take things slowly until you are comfortable enough to try something more challenging.


Riding a bike is a great way to travel during this pandemic. It minimizes social contact while allowing you to get needed exercise as you head to work or do your groceries. But it pays to be wise when trying something new. So do consider these pointers before you hit the road on your bike.

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