You may be a university lecturer or an executive wanting to carry out a presentation during a meeting. You need to use PowerPoint to present your ideas and notes in a crispy, attractive, and easy to understand manner. Using PowerPoint not only helps to save your precious time but also to organize your presentation. However, there may be required information to be taken from documents in PDF format. Hence, you need to know how to convert pdf to pptx the correct way just like pdf to word using PDFBear.


Effective ways to follow This is one website that you can always rely upon to convert your choice of files to another format including pptx. With this conversion tool, you do not have to worry about your file security and it is also easy to use. Moreover, it is designed to work smoothly on all platforms and browsers it allows to split, rotate, connect and convert PDF files. For this, there is no need for downloading or installing any program. Steps to convert pdf to pptx include the following:

  • Choose the desired PDF file. Otherwise, drag the same onto the page.
  • Select the PPTX that you desire to convert the file to. It supports over 50 formats.
  • Choose page size and orientation including other conversion options.
  • Allow the conversion of your PPTX files. Then export or download the same to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Conversion process

  • Import PDF file: Open program, go to the ‘Home’ tab, and click on the ‘Open File’ option. Find & select the PDF file that you desire to convert.
  • Activate PDF to PPTX procedure: On the opening of PDF file, search for the ‘Convert’ tab. Then click the ‘To PPTX’ option. Then a pop-up window appears that sets up conversion.
  • PDF conversion to PowerPoint: In this window, set properties as required. On the bottom right corner, click the ‘Convert’ button when ready for PDF to PPT file conversion.

How scanned PDF can be converted to Editable PPT?

  • OCR Function: In PDF element, open up scanned PDF. You will get a notice to carry out OCR to edit the file. Click OCR download first.
  • Scanned PDF conversion to PPT: It will provide you with OCR interface. Select the appropriate language for PDF content and carry out OCR. Once done, you can edit generated PDF if desired. Convert the same to the editable PPTX file.

PDF Converter Pro for PDF conversion to PPTX

You can use this conversion tool ‘PDF Converter Pro’ for PDF conversion to PPTX documents. It allows hassle-free PDF file conversion. It also supports wide range of output formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, EPUB, Plain Text and Rich Text. OCR Plug-in is designed in this software to help with scanned file conversion to any of the above mentioned supported output format. Even protected PDF file conversion is also supported by this tool.

  • Import PDF: Open up program. Then drag the desired PDF within the program. Otherwise, simply click on ‘Add PDF files’ option.
  • For ‘Output Format’, choose Microsoft PowerPoint’: Under ‘Output Format’, click on dropdown list and choose ‘MS PowerPoint’ option. In case, the requirement is only to convert some portion of the PDF file, then choose appropriate page range.
  • Conversion to PPTX from PDF: In this window, set properties as desired. Click ‘Convert’ button present on bottom right corner once ready.

Video on PDF conversion to PowerPoint

There are several free to use PDF to PPT converter programs available in the market, with PDFelement being one among them. The software is known to provide support to editable formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Images, EPUB, Plain Text & Rich Text HTML. This PDF convert assures users with powerful security options. You will be able to carry out batch file processing using this software including conversion, removing and/or adding markups, adding passwords, adding watermarks as well as redacting files. The PPT converter also allows you to add images, edit text, change font style and size including modify pages. With this conversion tool, you will also be able to organize the PDF files simply by rearranging pages. In case, you desire to restrict some viewers from getting access to your PDF files, then you can use a password to increase its security aspects.

Apart from this with PDFelement, you can sign PDFs, OCR PDFs, compress PDF files and merge PDFs. Moreover, it is found to be compatible with Windows 10, Windows Vista, 8.1, 8, 7 including MacOS from 10.12 including the latest 10.15 Catalina.

You need to choose a software tool that is completely reliable and easy to use. It should allow conversion without any hassle and also complete the tasks very quickly. 2PDF is one such program that you can trust upon and complete all your conversion tasks effortlessly and to your own satisfaction.

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