Everything You Need to Know About Google Home Mini

Google Home mini is priced at $49 and that’s almost all that matters. The first version of Google home which I think right now is $129 but this little one is a game changer. It does all of the exact same stuff the big one does but for less than half the price. So here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering getting a Google Home mini.

Google Home Mini Colors

Google Home Mini Colors

First of all, I reviewed the original Google Home I have a couple of them now in the studio and at home. Google Home mini comes in three different colors the coral, chalk, and charcoal. I know the size and scale are sometimes hard to show so there you go right around four inches across. It’s about the size of a donut and when you plug it in it basically looks like fabric pebble with lights. I feel it could kind of blend into almost any room in most houses pretty easily.

Google Home Mini Volume Adjustment

Google Home Mini Volume Adjustment

In this great color just tap to volume up, volume down and long press to actually physically trigger the Google assistant. Otherwise, you can do it with your voice of course because there are microphones and then you paired up with the Google home app on your iPhone or Android phone. You’re good to go again everything is the same here as the bigger google home. The only physical disadvantage of being smaller is the smaller speaker. Here obviously the single upward firing speaker can’t give you quite the same volume as the three speakers set up on the Google home, It is kind of a big deal for some people maybe those who listen to music a lot but for most this single speaker is really just fine.

Google Home Mini Ports

Google Home Mini Ports and Mute Button

It’s just basically it’s unidirectional. There’s no other direction one big speaker could face. I just do think it would benefit from having an audio jack for people who actually just want to plug into some speakers and benefit from better sound well. I do have some other minor complaints about the hardware. I wish it could have one more USB type C port and it has already a micro USB port but that’s not enough.

The bigger complaint is the mute switch it’s actually kind of annoying you can already mute google home by asking it to mute. In the case where you actually want a physical button the regular Google home has a button on the back to quickly mute it you just press it again. But if you want to mute Google home mini with your voice then when you go to unmute it with the switch you got to flip it once and then flip it back because it was already flipped to unneeded. It should’ve been a button, not a switch or been much easier but from there everything else about this $49 Google home mini is exactly the same as $129 regular size Google home. The same commands, the same phone call, the same AI and all that useful stuff.

So this fits nicely in a sort of a lineup now they have the Google home Mini and the regular one and the Macs at like three-way different price points. It’s still gaining features as time goes on. There’s stuff that hasn’t been fully activated yet I can’t do texting on my Google homes but that’s something that will be available soon. That’s basically it so many reviews for many speakers again it’s all stuff we’ve seen before but the main new thing really here is just the price being just $49 brings it down into competition with all the people considering buying Amazon echo that’s also about $49 right now. So I don’t know if the new price point is enough to possibly convince you and make your comments below.

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