Opcom Farm Cube Review

Farm cube

Amidst the spell of SmartHome devices and solutions on display at this year’s Computex in Taipei.The OPCOM Farm Cube helps you to run a mini farm by using iPad or Android tablet for those who doesn’t have any suitable outdoor space.

This stackable cube garden is a hydroponic system which allows you to put up with your plants from the office. It uses LED, an adjustable fan system and UV purified water for light growth and optimum air circulation. Sensors check the quality of water and temperature and you can also add nutrients if you think it is necessary. There is a big camera so you can check your plants also.
Are you worrying that you don’t have much knowledge on specific veggies? No need to worry, the farm cube default has the professional farming software. What you need to do is just select the type of the plant which you are growing. Then  automatically it takes care of that such as how much amount of water, water PH levels, light, the wind and fertilizer for each growth stage, plus temperature control.  Of course, you can control all these factors manually if you consider yourself a Whiz.
It is not only used for food but also to seed flowers with the use of the software. The peace lilies on the lower level of the display model were doing nicely indeed.

Each Farm cube measures 1m x 2m and is 85cm tall. The unit we saw on display boasted four levels, with 51 growing pods on each one and looked absolutely stunning. If you’re short on space there’s a single layer option too. You can enjoy your own home-grown goodness. Along with it, you can also enjoy the oxygen blasts out from the operation.
Office managers beware: real-life Farmville has arrived.