Google Allo vs WhatsApp

Google Allo has already arrived after the announcement at Google I/O Conference earlier this year and people are declaring it may be the WhatsApp killer. If you have used Allo app, you will know about that how it fares against Whatsapp. Let see about that in detail.

Uniqueness in Allo

Google Allo is having the same features whatever the whatsApp contains such as sharing media & location, read receipts, custom notifications, GIFs, Voice messages . Let’s discuss how the Google Allo stands out against the highly popular Whatsapp.


Everyone whoever is using the Whatsapp is expecting the stickers. Allo is provided with stickers along with sticker store where you can download more. The store did not store more stickers until now, but it should be changed now, as Allo getting starts some traction.

Google Allo

Shout or whisper a Message

Due to lack of ability to format in Allo, it included a feature called cool Shout and whisper, by using which we can increase or decrease the text to make it more expressive. To increase the size of a text , keep on holding the send button.


Google Allo


Google Allo

Incognito Chat

Google Allo has a cool incognito chat mode same as Telegram’s secret chats feature, which features discreet notifications, a self-destruct timer and the messages send in the chat are encrypted end-to-end. Allo has the Self-destructing messages which don’t contain in Whatsapp , so Allo wins some brownie points here.

Google Allo

Smart Reply

In Allo app, we have a good feature to give a reply which we can’t find in other apps even in the most popular app whatsApp also because they don’t have a killer feature. Smart Replies are AI-Based reply suggestions to a text or photo. For example, we got a message from our friends asking that “How are you”? Then you can give reply using the Allo suggestions such as “I am OK, u”? , “I am good and u”? , “Good, U”?.

Google Allo

Google Allo also includes a cool incognito chat mode, similar to Telegram’s secret chats feature, which features a self-destruct timer, discreet notifications,and the messages send in the chat are end-to-end encrypted. Self-destructing messages is another feature WhatsApp lacks, so Allo wins some brownie points here.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant made Allo a much more functional messaging app because we can use it in between chats via @google and it is included in Allo. It gives more information such as weather info, flight info, news, navigate, play games, translate languages nearby places, and more. You can even use it to set a reminder or an alarm.

Disadvantages of Allo Lacks:

Allo has some disadvantages when compared to Whatsapp. So, let’s see the lacks in Allo.


If you are habituated to making calls in whatsApp , you can’t do it in Allo because it doesn’t provide that feature. Whatsapp Call is a very useful feature because it permits you to make a call through wi-fi or mobile data. It also contains the data saving mode, so you no need to worry about your data package bandwidth. Even though Google provides a video calling with Duo, it is a separate app altogether, which doesn’t make up for a great experience.

Last seen, status, and Read Receipts :

In Whatsapp, it possible to hide or active the last seen, status and we can control the read receipts. But when coming to Allo, it is not possible. We can’t hide or active our Lastseen there is no feature as that.

Google Allo
Google Allo

Share Files and Text Formatting:pp contains.

Whatsapp Includes share PDF files, documents, spreadsheets and presentations along with media sharing which comes in handy if you want to send soon for a contact. But the Allo allows only sharing media and location not other than that. It also doesn’t have formatting features like bold, italics and strike-through as the Whatsapp.

Backup Support

The Allo doesn’t contain the backup feature like whatsApp. When you uninstall and reinstall the app on your device, you will find only the group names and you can’t restore the chats. Google has to bring the backup support as soon as possible because the lack of back up might surely be a deal breaker for some people.

Desktop Clients

Google Allo is present can be used only on Smartphones and iPhone which might upset people who want to use on the system too. But the Whatsapp provides a web client as well as a desktop app and when they don’t run independently, they are pretty useful if you want to use the messenger from your computer.

User Interface

You will notice that UI of Allo is very similar Whatsapp if you have tried using the Allo before and it is surely not a coincidence. Google Knows Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app and the simple UI of it made the users appeal every section, though there are minor differences in Allo add Google’s much -lauded Material design a lot better, with the floating button and usage of colors.
Generally, WhatsApp and Allo, both have a pretty similar UI, which is simple to use and straightforward. Having said that, the Allo interface does look more modern.


Whatsapp provides more security for the users to secure their data by encrypting all the chats and data like voice messages, media etc. End-to-end, which means even whatsApp can’t read your messages. But coming to the Allo it can’t give more security to your data and chats because it incorporates end-to-end encryption in the incognito chat mode.

Google Allo
Google Allo

Google Allo vs WhatsApp: Comparison Table

We will choose our messaging apps depending on our friends. If they use whatsApp we will also install the same messaging app but why don’t we try for another app. So, the point is, even as Allo might be well equipped with killer features, it is compelling users to use it for a long duration. If it is able to control that, then surely it can give an equivalent competition to WhatsApp.
In some things,Google Allo will be something unique, which is noticeable but it lacks some features which are in WhatsApp that people love. The app itself has its own features don’t depend on whether your friends love it or not, try different; you will love Google Allo messaging App.


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