Transfer Files Through Wifi easily by Using Anysend

AnySend” is a software that helps the users to copy files/folders between any two computers. The two computers can be PC-PC ,Mac-Mac, PC-Mac etc.. The users can transfer any kind of files.There are no file size limit and the transformation happens relatively at a high speed. User can Transfer files through wifi to any computers by Anysend.




Using AnySend, the user can transfer files between windows computers , between Mac and windows pc’s etc.. Since they have android app with them, it lets the user to transfer files at high speed.

The Only thing the user have to do is,  install AnySend app on their computer. Then select the file that the user wants to transfer to the other device. Press ctrl+c and copy the files to the clipboard. On the Windows task bar select the AnySend icon and then select the other device name. Now the file transformation happens instantly.

Anysend not is not only used for sending the files. It also transfers Folders without zipping them. Steps for sending the folders are listed below:

  1. Select the folder that you want to transfer.
  2. Copy the selected folder to the clipboard.
  3. Then select the Anysend icon and choose the destination name.Now the selected folder will be transferred.


  • Comparing to the other tools, AnySend is very easy to setup and it does not require any configurations. But the main condition is that, all the computers , android phones should be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • The user can send the videos ,pictures,files just by dragging it to the AnySend window and specify the recipient(s) name or computer name.
  • AnySend will transfer files to anywhere and it can send anything ,provided that both the sender and the receiver should be under same Wi-Fi network.


AnySend does not have an option to scan and send the files,Which leads to the transformation of virus and malwares along with the files.

Also it doesnt have an option to preview the images that the user is going to transfer.