Apple purchases icloud net domain

Apple purchases icloud net domain

Recently, Apple purchased the domain. TechCrunch reports one of the last major iCloud-related web addresses that weren’t in its possession.

The domain now appears to be registered to Apple. It was the home of the “iCloud Social Network.” To allow people to share activities, music, pictures, and videos, and other content, a dubious-looking social networking platform is designed.

Before Apple purchased the domain how many users had is not clear. On concord, at the end of February 2017, the site now states that the services will be shut down. The data will be destroyed in March. Since 2011, it has apparently existed and in a blog post, the site’s owner said: “ finished his mission, it is time for him to retire.”

A tip suggesting Apple had purchased the domain for $1.5 million is received by MacRumors. But we have been unable to verify the information. When contacted by aTechCrunch, the price Apple paid for is unknown and the company declined to comment on the purchase.

Apple purchased the domain name from Swedish company Xcerion, ahead of the launch of the iCloud service back in 2011 shells out approximately $5.2 million. Ranging from and to and, Apple possesses upwards of 100 iCloud domains.

Why Apple waited more than five years to acquire the domain is not clear. It likely was just done as the measure to confirm the company owned all of the iCloud-related domains. On concord, TechCrunch speculates that the purchase may have been made due to ongoing work on a social networking app that Apple is rumored to have in development.

The existence of an Apple social network could have been confused with an social network while the rumored app may not use iCloud branding. An ambiguity Apple may have wanted to resolve with the purchase of the domain.


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