Unlock Chrome OS with a PIN code

Chrome OS

Do want to unlock your screen with a few numbers instead of typing big characters? Then the new feature has been testing presently in the latest Chrome OS developer update according to Google employee Francois Beaufort. He explains in a Google+ post, how to drop the new functionality into your system: 

What you need to do is allow the flag chrome://flags//#quick-unlock-pin>restart chrome>now go to Chrome Material Design settings page to set up your Lock Screen PIN in the  new “Screen Lock” section. After completion of it, lock your screen with ? + L and enjoy the experience with new unlock.

Sure, it is extremely easier to connect the pin as a replacement of whatever you have set like Chrome OS password, and probably more secure when compared to the use of Android phone for Smart Lock. You will get into your Google suite as you are not entering the code the “keys to the kingdom” when one commenter on Beaufort’s post put it. Nifty,huh? Those defective to dig deeper should confirm the code here.

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