Rip DVDs with VLC Player

We are aware of the VLC player that it is a free and open-source software. It is a portable cross-platform media player which can stream all types of videos. There are many features of a VLC media player that we have discussed before. The VLC player has another special feature that allows you to rip DVDs. Now, let’s get to know about this feature in this article.

How to rip DVDs with VLC?

Do you know what should be done to rip DVDs with VLC? If your answer is no, go through the below steps to know how to rip DVDs with VLC.

Step 1: Load up a DVD which you want to rip and start up VLC. Here click on “Media” in the menu bar. From the drop down, tap on Convert/Save.

rip DVDs

Step 2: Now, an “Open Media” window will appear. In that, click on the “Disc” tab. Check DVD in the “Disc selection” section and make sure the “Disc device” field points to the optical drive with the DVD. After this tap on “Convert/Save”. You can skip the below sections of this window since you will not be able to use them in the ripped file.

Open media window

Step 3: After which the Convert window will appear. Here, click on “Browse” that appears by the side of the destination file to select a location to store the ripped file.

browse for the location

Step 4: When you click on browse for the destination location, give a name to the file and a supporting extension to it. Then click on Save. If you don’t label it with a supporting file extension, it will take as .ps (program stream) file by default. Here is an example.

label with a file extension

Step 5: After everything is set up, the source drive and the destination file will have their appropriate extensions. Now tap on “Start”.

final set up

You can now see the progress count in the main UI while ripping the DVD. The file format and size of the DVD will decide the time it takes to complete the process. While processing, you may notice a slow down in your system since it takes a lot of resources. Assume that you have the right codec and play the converted file with other media players.

work in progress

There is a disadvantage with this conversion. You will notice a low-quality file compared with the original one.

system slow down

It shows that ripping a DVD using VLC slows down the system. More of it, there is no guarantee for proper working after the completion of the process. Rather rip DVDs with WinX DVD is much better than using VLC. And using the WinX DVD is a regular and easy way of ripping. Because it not only can rip DVDs, it can also convert it into whatever format you want. So, ripping using Winx DVD is good always.

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