Tips To Edit PDF in Word


PDF is generally called as Portable Document Format. The PDFs serves as the most popular platform for reading eBooks. The major Operating systems and mobile phone devices support the PDF files. Many apps are also supporting PDF files, some of them are free to view and some of them are paid. Now you can edit pdf in word easily by this method.

The document or picture files in any format can be converted to PDF. For e.g. the user has a word document that he wishes to open on a computer without having any Office suite, for this the user can convert a Word file to PDF and he can open it on all devices with the use of the appropriate PDF reader. In Microsoft Office 2010, the PDF files cannot be edited, but in Microsoft Office 2013, the files can be edited. Without using PDF to Word converter, you can edit the document in Microsoft Office Word 2013.

In Microsoft Office 2013, the files can be opened, created and edited. Given below are the steps to edit PDF files.

Step 1:

Go to the PDF file which you want to edit. It should not be a copyrighted file; it should be a read only file. Then right click on it. A drop down menu will open, and then go to open with and click on the word. The file will be opened in MS word 2013.


Step 2:

A message box will be displayed by the word that will ask permission from you to open with PDF file; it will also say you that the file will not look exactly as the original PDF. After reading it, click the OK button to continue.

Step 3:

Also a small message will be displayed, especially for the files that have been downloaded from the internet. The message will warn like “The files downloaded from the internet may contain viruses. It will in protected mode, unless it is edited by you”. After reading the message click on Enable Editing on this message box. It will enable you to edit.

Step 4:

Start your editing on the file. After completing the editing of the whole file. Go to file, and click on Save as. Then save it on the desired format like Word, PDF or RTF. Now the file will be saved and you can read it as edited by you.