Customize Google Now Feed

customize Google now feed

Google Now is facing fierce rivalry between the Apple’s Siri and Window’s Cortana. So, Google Now is introducing special features occasionally to its users. One more privileged feature for Google Now users is Google cards. The user can choose the type of cards to get the important news or information about particular topics.

In addition to news and information, there is a new feature that you can include in cards like important emails, google alerts, and reminders. If you want to get these new features, let’s see what to do

Step1: Before activating it, check whether your cards are enabled.

Step2: Now open Google App

Step3: Click on the three lines in the upper left and go to Settings -> Accounts & Privacy -> Google Activity controls -> Web & App Activity

Step4: Now turn on Web & App Activity

And if you want to get out of this, just click on Settings -> Your feed. Now you will be able to see Weather, Topics of Interest, Games, Stocks, and you can choose whatever you like.

Another simple method to open your cards

Step1: Open Google app or go to

Step2: Search for the card what you need

Ste3: The card you need is immediately visible above, and you can use it if you tap it.

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