How To Boost Your Android Gaming Performance With A Simple Trick

boost game performance in Android

For some of us, its fun to download and play games from the play store. But for many people, they don’t like it and refuse to play games. There are very fewer mobiles available in the market with hardware required to play high-quality games and those are very expensive. It is not possible for everyone to change or buy new phones frequently. If you want to play high-end games, the only way is to boost game performance in Android smartphone.

How to increase game performance in Android smartphone? – Rooting Method

Step # 1: First thing to do is to do rooting if you are not done before.

Step # 2: Once the rooting is completed on your android phone, install the Android app called GITools. This app can improve your Android graphics performance.

Step # 3: Once you have installed this app, you will be prompted for a super-user. This will change system settings and increase the phone’s performance.

Step # 4: Even after installing GITools, to run that you need it TEX (DE) coder plug.

Step # 5: After downloading the plug-in, you need to agree to the terms and then install it. Reboot the phone to make these changes effective.

Step # 6: Once the phone is rebooted, a list of active applications will be displayed. You have to choose which game you want to increase.

Step # 7: You can change the different aspects of the selected app. You can change the following sets.

1) Anti-aliasing (MSAA/CSAA)

2) Render resolution

3) Force 16-bit rendering

4) Optimize GLSL shaders

5) Enable Texture decompression

6) Enable Texture recompression

7) Downscale Textures

8) Use FPS counter

9) FPS update delay

Now your mobile is ready to play high-end games.

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