Tools To Manage A Facebook Account

Facebook account

Obviously, we all have a Facebook account and the whole world is running behind social media. The social networks are being used to build relationships, share thoughts, promoting products and other contents, and a number of uses. Facebook is the favorite destination for almost all the users because of its simplicity and popularity.

There is a huge number of built-in tools and features to manage your Facebook profile, pages, and groups. It frequently updates the settings so as to give the best experience that suits the present requirements of the users.

Here are 15 best free tools that can be used to manage a Facebook Account. They help you unlock some hidden features and so you will become a powerful Facebook user.

1. Photo Zoom for Facebook:

This tool will enhance your photo viewing experience by allowing you zoom any image on Facebook on the right side of the page. This can be obtained without blocking user interaction and dismiss automatically when there is no need.

2. Social Video Downloader:

This tool can be used to download videos directly from Facebook in both SD and HD quality. Once you have downloaded the video from the social media, you can save it on your SD card or any other storage source. You can even browse and download any video that maybe even a shared video.

3. Better Facebook for Chrome:

It provides many features that include changing the header and background colors, and even the background image can be changed, removing ads from the sidebar, changing your mouse cursor, choosing font style and size of the text, zooming photos, making round corners for the image, widening the newsfeed stream, and many more.

4. Album and Photo Manager for Facebook:

This tool manages all the photos and albums on your account and backup them to your computer. This tool has a lot of built-in features that includes Facebook photo uploader that can allow you download from a single photo to an entire album. You can also upload your photos directly to your Facebook photos. For this, you just have to right-click on the image and Share image to your Facebook. You can create a new album in your Facebook account to upload your photos.

5. Toolkit for Facebook:

This tool is a collection of all the tools required to operate Facebook account without any hassle. This tool will even save your time on Facebook. This is a background feature that allows you to block “Seen” feature for Facebook messages so that no one can be able to see if you have seen the message or not.

6. Social Fixer for Facebook:

You can customize your Facebook account with this tool and also filters your news feed, hide unwanted things, and comment navigator. It features anonymizing for screenshots with just a click.

7. Adblock for Facebook:

This tool is used to block ads on your Facebook news feed and video ads. The Adblock Technology works reliably with the new Facebook design blocks. We are working on adding Facebook tracking and surveillance removal.

8. SMS from Gmail and Facebook:

This tool helps to send and receive text messages directly from Gmail or Facebook on your computer using an Android phone. You can also send and receive MMS picture messages in Gmail. Moreover, it gets started in less than 60 seconds to complete the process of sending or receiving.

9. Blue Messenger:

Blue Messenger lets you see your news feed, make posts, find friends, chat with your friends and family. It includes some other premium features like video and image downloader, Unlock Facebook Secret Emotions, Desktop notifications, Share Facebook links, and Convert to Desktop links.

10. Facebook Chat Privacy:

This is an extension that hides your status that shows “typing” or “seen” in Facebook chats and messages. This tool doesn’t let your friends or contacts to see if you have read their messages. When you add privacy to your Facebook chat, you can feel free to send them the reply whenever you wish to.

11. F.B. Purity:

F.B. (Fluff Bursting) Purity cleans up and customises Facebook and lets you filter out the junk messages which you don’t want to see. This tool hides all the ads, game spam, sponsored posts, and other annoying things on Facebook. This will make the user use Facebook with more interest.

12. Invite all friends on Facebook:

This tool reduces your work to invite all your contact on Facebook to events. Because it will automatically invite all your friends on Facebook to events and pages with just a single click. This feature supports auto-scrolling and works with all events and pages.

13. Friend Remover PRO:

You can find and delete inactive friends on Facebook at a time. You can even remove all the friends on Facebook at a time. This can be done easily and quickly with just one click.

14. Music for Facebook:

This tool allows you to listen to your favorite songs while browsing Facebook. You can add music to Facebook to playback on your page. This is an easy way to search, listen, and share music with people you know. This is as simple as sharing images on your page. This is an easy way to share music from YouTube and SoundCloud.

15. Anti-Malware Subzero:

This extension protects your facebook account from malware, detects and blocks infected and malicious requests. It also is responsible for blocking advertisements and infected URLs. It blocks viruses and prevents spam from your Facebook account.

These are the best free tools to manage a Facebook account.

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