Android is good for business
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Is Android good for business?

Any good business will want to invest in new technology when it is required, and that could mean tablets and smartphones for employees so that they can do their work more effectively. Although competitor products are extremely popular, they do have some drawbacks, and many business owners feel that Android is good for business. Here are some of the reasons why this is.


A sensible business owner should always be looking at costings and their budget and trying to save money wherever possible. When buying new technology, this is absolutely imperative; even if it is an investment, if you can buy something similar that will do the same job for less money, this could certainly be worth checking out – it could make a big difference to your profits.

Android devices do tend to be less expensive than their competitors, even though the product itself will often be a premium one. Android makers have to compete with the huge marketing power that competitors have, and in many cases, they have chosen to do this through price. That means you can get a great product at a fair price, which is good for your business.

Ease of Use

Competitor products are known for being intuitive and offering users a simple experience when it comes to using them. The great thing about Android devices is that they offer a similar experience, and even if people are used to using their competitor device, they will easily become used to the slightly different way of using an Android device.

In fact, everything that can be done on a competitor product can be done on an Android, even if the layout and the apps might be different. It won’t take long for everyone to become adept at using whichever form of device you offer them.


Something that is a powerful feature of an Android device is how easy it is to customize the features and look to each individual. If one employee needs to access PCB tools like Circuit Studio, and another has to use their tablet for accounts, and yet another needs to be able to easily respond to customers, they can do extremely easily.

Not only does this make their ability to work much more efficient and gives everyone their own individual way of doing things, but it also gives your employees more say in what is done – if they can create their own Android interfaces, they will be much happier.

More Choice

Despite its share of the market, when compared to Android, competitors have relatively few products to choose from. If you are looking for something that is really going to be ideal for your business and your employees, you will have much more chance of finding what you are looking for if you move to research Android instead of competitors.

You can look into:

  • Battery life
  • Durability
  • Storage capacity
  • Aesthetics
  • The apps that can be used

All of this can combine to ensure you are buying exactly the right devices for what your employees (and you) are going to be using them for. Android is always good for business.

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