TomTom Touch Cardio Fitness Tracker

TomTom Touch Cardio

We have discussed a variety of TomTom’s fitness trackers like TomTom Touch and TomTom Spark 3. And now it’s the turn of TomTom Touch Cardio Fitness Tracking watch. This is a simple fitness band which is more like a Fitbit than a TomTom’s fitness watch. The TomTom Touch Cardio is the simplest entry in the series that sheds the body fat analyzer feature of the TomTom Touch band.

The TomTom Touch Cardio fitness tracker is a best fitness tracking watch with a heart rate sensor in this price range that it costs Rs.5790. The only difference between the older models and the TomTom Touch Cardio fitness tracker is the removal of the body composition element. The two silver electrodes are no longer found in this fitness tracker. The circular silver electrode is replaced with the continual flush screen continuing round to all edges on the front of this Cardio fitness tracker.

Initially, TomTom has introduced a new device and branded it as the TomTom Touch. Then the company renamed it as TomTom Touch Cardio + Body composition. The TomTom Touch body composition includes the body analyzer with it. The Cardio in the name of both the TomTom Touch with and without Body Composition is in reference to the optical heart rate monitor which still remains in the new TomTom Touch Cardio.

The main reason behind the introduction of the TomTom Touch was the lack of the technology used in that. But the accuracy and quality of the inbuilt Body Composition component of the activity tracker were quite good in these devices.

The TomTom Touch Cardio measures heart rate, tracks the number of steps taken, calories burned, sleep and active time. It’s essentially a stripped back version of the Touch with Body Composition. The Body composition model can measure your fat and muscle percentage.

tomtom touch cardio fitness tracker

However, the Touch Cardio has the same slim design, OLED display, and 24/7 monitoring. The only real difference is the loss of the silver touch button from the Body Composition version. We found the basic fitness tracking functions to perform relatively well with the TomTom Touch. The only complaints about it were the design and the fact it was a less intuitive to use than the Fitbit Charge 2.

The TomTom Touch Cardio can also be used for basic smartwatch functions, such as notifying you of incoming calls and messages on the display. All the activity data it collects is synced to the accompanying TomTom Sports app. This will help you to view your progress, activity trends, and comparisons. You can even share your data with other users. The TomTom Sports app might be too tricky and is not user-friendly.

entry-level fitness tracker

But the TomTom Touch Cardio fitness tracker is cheaper than the Body composition. Moreover, it is packed with more features other than that the design differs.

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