Sony H.Ear Go Review

Sony H.ear Go

Sony H.Ear Go is a smallest portable Bluetooth speaker that has speakerphone built-in within itself. Also, it has multiple audio inputs and the ability to stream hi-res audio files. These speakers can stream over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There are some other speakers that are almost similar in idea and shape as this Sony H.Ear Go. So this speaker must be capable of proving it can dethrone the similar products. It has amazing sound and fantastic audio experience.

Design :

Sony H.ear Go

The speaker is designed in rectangular shape and comes in in different colors. The speaker has a dual-sided design which won’t affect the sound quality in any sense. So you can either lay it on the side or upright as you wish. The two sides covering the speakers are protected by grills so the sound can come out crisp and clear. All the buttons and available ports are designed to blend in the design.

The speaker is designed to support Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC connections. Even you have access to Google Cast and Spotify. Moreover, Sony introduced the possibility to connect the h.ear go speaker to other speakers that are in different rooms. This happens with the help of an app called the Songpal App from Sony. You can either create a stereo connection with another speaker or you can share the music you are listening with the one in another room. It’s indeed an interesting idea, but we’re not so sure it actually works considering the size of the original speaker.

The design of the speaker measures 2.5(height) by 8.0(width) by 2.4(depth) inches and weighs in about 1.7 pounds roughly. There are two micro USB ports for the beginners. The left one is intended for changing and the other at the right is for playing music directly from the computer. It has a 3.5 mm aux input and a function button beside it. The function button switches between some modes such as Link, Network, USB, Bluetooth and Audio In. Every function has its own LED to show the mode status. Below that, there’s the Stereo Pair button, the Set Up Button, and the Update/WPS button. The Sony H.ear Go has a reset pinhole and a master power switch on the bottom panel.

Features :

The actual control panel on the top of the speaker near the NFC pairing panel is included with a power/pairing button. This includes a dedicated Speakerphone and Extra Bass buttons, and plus and minus buttons that handle volume along with the power button. Totally, there are nine buttons for this speaker. Among which none controls track navigation. Track navigation has to be done on the device itself. It’s great that the H.ear Go is versatile, but many other speakers manage to contain a similar level of functionality. Even it options in a simpler control panel array that’s easier on the eyes. This requires less consulting of the manual which is more like a series of pamphlets with this speaker.

You can also stream high-resolution audio to the H.ear Go. It uses LDAC for audio transmission at a higher transfer rate than Bluetooth. That is a solid extra feature for those who have hi-res audio collections. But you will still be listening through a portable wireless speaker, not a high-fidelity sound system. It’s not quite analogous to taking a high-resolution photo and then viewing it on a low-resolution screen.

Battery Life :

Sony estimates the H.ear Go’s battery life to be 12 hours. This will vary with your volume levels and your mix of wired and wireless playback. Other than its charging cable, the H.ear Go ships with no accessories.

Performance :

On tracks with intense sub-bass content, the H.ear Go delivers two flavors of audio performance. They may be employed with or without the Extra Bass button. With it being switched off, the H.ear Go delivers the decent bass response at moderate levels, but somewhat distorted bass at top volumes. With the Extra Bass feature on, the distortion issue seems to get a little better. There must be some digital signal processing that manages to create a greater sense of bass while limiting the frequencies the speaker’s drivers have trouble with.

The Sony H.ear Go has an amazing sound quality and powerful volume that are supported by dual tweeters and dual passive radiators. This covers the front and back side.

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