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Not all the computer users are connected to the Internet and are not well-known about the security implications. Many users worry about the Malware and tend to use their computer to a minimum extent. Because many of the users are not aware of the antivirus programs or security-related Softwares. Although there is a huge number of Windows PC tools that most of the users have never used. Many of these Windows PC tools contribute for running a stable and secure system.

The Windows PC tools help the users work with their computers in a much easier way. They secure your data without any virus or malware attacks that corrupt the contents in your system. So here are some important Windows PC tools that will help you use your computer to its maximum potential with high-security.

Let’s get to know the 6 important Windows PC tools the users have never used.

1. Backup Program:

backup program

You may think who doesn’t know about this backup program if you have been using. But there are many users who don’t know about backup and never have used this tool. There are some who don’t even worry about the loss of any data and never run this backup program. As they don’t know about the backup tool, they don’t use this. But what actually are the uses of using this backup program on your computers.

It’s obvious that there will always be an additional copy of whatever you save on your system. So, ven if the original copy or the file is lost or erased, your system remains you with the backup file. And most importantly, a backup will save your time and money as it tries to recover the lost or damaged data.

2. Password Manager:

Password Manager

What is the necessity for a user to lock their system with a password? Security, Right! Yes! We wish to keep all the files, folders, and documents highly secured. And what to do for this? A Password Manager will help you out. You will have to remember all the passwords you have given to. And the system is very clever that it can guess your passwords if you keep your birthday, your name or anything else as the password.

Make sure that you maintain different passwords for each and every account. And you need to change the password frequently so that it is difficult to hack your account. In this way, the Password Manager will help you remember your passwords and maintain high security with the data on your system.

3. Software or Driver Update Tool:

Software Or Driver Update Tools

We usually like to be up-to-date in everything we do. And what about the Software or Driver on the system we use. Obviously, we wish to update it whenever the system prompts for any updates or if any. And nowadays, all the users are aware of the viruses, hackers, and security-related threats. You might have heard about Security Holes in various programs. There are a number of programs that install automate security updates. The security updates are done automatically unless the user initiates the update.

This tool fixes the security holes, bugs, and vulnerability. And it gains access to new features.

4. Uninstaller:


We install so many Softwares for different purposes and may be we use them not more than once or twice. After which, they stay in the system eating up space. It happens that we don’t regularly check up the Softwares or applications which already exists in the system unless we need its use. Why don’t we use an uninstaller and throw out the unused apps and Softwares in the system? An uninstaller will work this out for the user.

Will there be any use of using this uninstaller? Of course, it frees up the hard disk space and so the speed of the system increases if the system starts with Windows. It even unclutters your Start Menu.

5. Defragmenter:


Whatever be the file system on your hard drive, more likely the files will be fragmented. As a result of this, the hard drive slows down. And get out of this and speed up the hard drive, defragmenter is used. This will, in turn, fasten the system performance.

6. System Maintenance Software:

System Maintenance Software

System Maintenance Software is a tool to remove junk and temporary files from the system. This tool comes with a combination of Malware, defragmenter, and an uninstaller. So, the System Maintenance Software cleans the system and frees up space. Thereby, the speed of the system automatically increases.

This tool also fixes the common annoyance with the system and cleans up all the browser files located in one place.

These are the 6 important Windows PC tools that most of the users might never have used. These are the simple tools that help you with faster system performance.

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