Apple Pencil


The Apple Pencil is a digital stylus pen which is designed by Apple that works as an input device for the iPad Pro tablet computer.

The iPad Pro only uses that high sample rate when it senses the Apple Pencil usage. Then it scales back to half that when a fingertip is being used. This technology is not even found on iPhone 6s or iPad Air 2. So, don’t but this Apple Pencil if you don’t have an iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is one of the best tablets and marks the start of a new chapter for Apple’s larger mobile devices. The new iPad Pro consists of more features than the previous version such as an optional keyboard and better speakers. It is powerful enough to be seriously considered as a laptop replacement. Nevertheless, the iPad Pro is also compatible with the Apple Pencil, a brand-new take on the stylus. One more thing is that Apple thinks is an integral part of the iPad Pro experience.



In your first look to Apple Pencil seems relatively uneventful and interesting design touches. It perfectly weighted, elegant and slim, so easy to control just like a normal pencil. You will also see a nib that’s much smaller than most other styluses while having a glance at the business end of the Apple Pencil.

There are two things to know about the Apple Pencil that clearly shows the amount of thought that exists in it. The clips onto the top of the pen without feeling remotely flimsy and the other is Lightning charger cap has a small metal ring. Additionally, leave the Apple Pencil to roll on a flat table, and it’ll land the same way up each time with Apple branding on the show.

Performance and Battery life:



The Apple Pencil includes sensors that recognize angle, altitude, and pressure. Although Apple hasn’t revealed how many levels of pressure the Pencil can spot. It contains a satisfying realistic feel to it. Move the Apple Pencil on its side and also allows you to shade. Apple Pencil does those all well which is all useless without smooth reactive drawing.

According to Apple, Latency is under 20 ms which in the real world means that you don’t notice it at all. It’s firm, too, which is unusual for a stylus of this size that helps make the whole experience more tactile, and closer to write on physical paper with a real fountain pen. The Apple Pencil is good for around 30 of minutes use and its ready to go even after five or ten minutes of charging. The Apple Pencil is not cheap, though it doesn’t work with any iPad Pro models. The cost of Apple pencil is £99, $ 139.65 or 8874.62 Indian Rupee


  • Beautiful design and build quality
  • Stellar sensors
  • Ignores wrist and palm touches
  • Quick charging


  • Not ideal charging
  • Cost
  • Useless without iPad pro



The Pencil feels fantastic to use and hold other than the weighting issue. Its sleek white design is shaped just like pencils we are familiar with. So there’s no extra thickness to contend with. The Pencil is too smooth against the iPad Pro’s screen. Thus removing the friction we are used to with real pencil lead and most pens. On Concord, after a few days of use, we found that the tip of the Pencil felt grippier. But we can’t say whether that’s because it physically changed through use or because we simply became accustomed to it.


We love the Apple Pencil’s familiar design, impressive accuracy, and speed that keeps the illusion of real pencil and paper alive. This let down by its impractical and clunky charging methods. So it’s lucky charging doesn’t take long, and its price tag is a lot to swallow. The Apple Pencil helps make both iPad Pro models and particularly the 12.9-inch version.

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