Fruit Hacks

We all love to eat fruits and moreover fruits contribute a lot to good health. Most probably, people sometimes prefer to have those fruits which are easy to eat without any heavy peel offs. For instance, apples and grapes can be eaten directly after cleaning whereas pomegranate or oranges have other processes to peel off. Some people feel lazy to spend a little time to do this. For those, we have discussed some of the easy ways and fruit hacks to make your life easier. These hacks won’t take much of your time.

We usually never make use of the skins (peel off) of any of the fruits. But there are some fruits whose waste (skin) can even be used which are thrown out. There are people who don’t like to eat some fruits like banana or any other fruit according to their tastes and wishes. For people like these who hate some of the fruits, we can serve those fruits in a different way, like prepare juice out of them, add some extra ingredients to change its taste, carve them for a different look, and many such alternatives. This article will give you some ideas and fruit hacks which you can make use of in your daily life.

Let’s get to know some of these fruit hacks.

1. Banana Ice-cream:

Banana ice-cream

Generally, most of the people will not like to eat a banana. And what about ice-cream. Is there anyone who say NO for ice-cream? Then serve banana ice-cream for those who say NO to banana. Mainly children will be interested in eating ice-cream. And that’s the aim. Children’s health is the first desire and the progress report of parents. So how to prepare banana ice cream.

Cut the ripe bananas into slices and keep it in the freezer for about an hour. After that, put the banana slices in a blending jar and add a little (2 tablespoons), honey. Grind the banana slices. after which take the paste into a bowl and you can add Chocolate chips, peanut butter or any other ingredients. Again freeze the mixture and take it into a bowl to taste. That’s all. Delicious Banana ice-cream is ready to taste.

2. Fruit ice cubes:

Fruit ice-cubes

Generally, we keep the fruits in the racks of the refrigerator. Is there any alternative to keeping the fruits fresher than usually, they seem. Yes! Here’s one of the fruit hacks. Place the fruits (grapes or cherries) or fruit pieces in the ice-cube tray along with a little water and keep it in the freezer until the ice cubes are formed. Now, What do you think would be the result of this. Yummy! Fruit ice-cubes. The fruits taste slightly different from the usual taste and they will be too cool.

3. Orange candles:

Orange candles

Doesn’t this sound amazing? Orange candles! How are they made? Of course with orange. But with the skin of the orange. Cut the orange in half before peeling off the skin. Now carefully take out the orange slices so that the orange skin should not tear or get spoiled. Now, the orange skin will look like a small bowl. This can be used as a lamp or a candle. Pour some oil in that bowl like orange skin and use it as a candle. This is the orange candle.

4. Save the pieces of apples from getting brown color:

We know that when the pieces of apples are exposed to air, they turn into brownish color. There won’t be any use of eating these pieces if they turn into brown. Because when exposed to air, the apple pieces lose the iron contents in them. Then what is the use of eating those pieces with the main nutrient missing in it? What do you think is the way to get rid of this problem? Is there any?

Yes! of course. Pour 1 cup of water in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon honey in that and stir it well. Now soak the pieces of apple in the bowl with water mixed with honey. And you can eat them whenever you want. These pieces won’t turn into brown color even if they are cut. I hope this fruit hack will be useful mostly in the case of children. Because children cannot eat an apple completely all at once. So if the apple pieces are soaked in water mixed with a tablespoon honey, they can eat whenever they wish.

5. Select the right avocados while buying:

select the right avocados:

How do you pick avocados while buying in the market? Here is a tip to throw the right ones into your basket. You can see a small stem on the tip of the fruit. Take that out and if you see that the avocado is ripe (brown color) inside that, don’t take that. Take the ones which are light green in color as they are inside the fruit when the stem is cut. Those will be the right selection of the avocados.

6. Re-use the leftover avocados:

Re-use left-over avocados

Generally, we keep fruits in the refrigerator before cutting them. And once if they are cut into pieces, we can’t keep them again in the refrigerator. Because we know that they will anyhow get spoiled once they are cut even if kept in the freezer. Then what can we do with the pieces of avocados? These won’t be wasted if you place the pits without the seeds into a plastic bag and keep them in the freezer. Now, I’m sure you can use them as many times as possible.

7. Make use of ripe bananas:

Usel ripe bananas

Mostly, we throw off the ripe bananas as we don’t want to eat them. Is there anything else to do with ripened bananas? Yes! They can be used in smoothies and also they can be juiced out. How can the ripe bananas be used in smoothies? I’m here with an idea to make use of ripened bananas.

Cut all the ripe bananas into slices. Place all the banana slices into a plastic bag and keep them in the freezer. After freezing them, they can be used anytime to blend them to get smoothies out of them.

8. Freeze watermelons:

Frozen watermelons

Same can be done with the pieces of watermelon. The amazing thing is that the pieces of watermelon can be used throughout a year if these pieces are kept in the freezer constantly. Not simply keeping in the freezer, they have to be packed in a plastic bag. The watermelon pieces can be used in watermelon slush, smoothies and in all kinds of watermelon drinks in anytime.

9. Frozen grape kebabs:

Frozen grape kebabs

Kebabs. Don’t you feel that it is sounding delicious? Yes right! And what do you think the frozen grape kebabs will be like? Poke a long toothpick or a stick into the grapes one after one. Place all these in a tray or a plate and keep it in the freezer. After an hour or two. take out the frozen grape kebab and serve at a dinner party at your home. You can even try frozen pineapple kebabs. All these taste as delicious as they look.

10. No need of a juicer to squeeze a lemon:

Squeeze a lemon without a juicer

Use a pair of tongs to squeeze a lemon. Didn’t you understand how? Cut the lemon into two pieces horizontally. Now keep one of the pieces of the lemon between the pair of tongs so that the skin of the lemon touches the tongs. Then press the pair of tongs open ends to squeeze the lemon and make out the juice of it. This will be an easy process to squeeze a lemon.

11. Cut mangoes artistically:

Cut mangoes artistically


Do you know how artistically mangoes can be cut? Cut a mango into halves leaving the seed of it aside. We will get two such half pieces from a mango. Take each piece and create small squares by cutting it vertically and horizontally. Gently push the mango piece from the back so that the square slices pops up. This is the way we cut a mango. This brings more interest to eat mangoes.

12. The effect of pineapple on cold and cough:

pineapple juice



Did you ever come across the new theorem “A pineapple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Drinking pineapple every day without fail will keep you away from cold and cough. This juice is five times more effective than cough syrup. It also has an effect on the flu. So, let a glass of pineapple juice be listed in your breakfast menu.

13. Watermelon bowl:

Watermelon Bowl

Cut the watermelon in half and slice off all the watermelon off the peel. This, now, appears like a bowl which can be used as a fruit bowl. Arrange the fruit pieces in it and serve it. This will look very new and interesting to whom you have served.

14. Deseed Pomegranates easily:

deseed pomegranate

It is a hassle to deseed a pomegranate. We usually feel lazy to deseed them and so we neglect to eat it. In fact, it is very easy to deseed a pomegranate. Cut the pomegranate into two halves and push out the center portion a little bit. Whack the backside of a half pomegranate with a spoon. This will almost deseed the fruit. Only a few will be left over which can be easily taken with hands directly.

15. Simple steps to peel a mandarin orange:

Simple steps to peel a mandarin orange

Cut out the top and bottom of a mandarin orange. Then cut the orange peel between two slices of orange. Now, open the orange holding both the ends of peel where you have cut the skin to divide. It becomes easy to take out the orange slices without completely peeling off the skin of it.

16. Removing stem from strawberries:

Removing stem from Strawberries

We try to take out the stem from the strawberries with our fingers. But it’s not that easy to remove them. Then how they can be removed with ease? Yes! There is an alternative to taking out the stem easily. A straw can be used for this. I’m sure you might be thinking how a straw can be helpful in doing this. Poke the straw from the bottom of the strawberry through the stem. This will get the stem off the berries.

17. Mini caramel apples:

An apple snack

Carve out apples with a melon baller. Poke toothpicks or straws in the tiny pieces of apple and dip the pieces in caramel and spread some nuts if you like. This will look interesting for children and they will eat more than usual.

18. Frozen berries:

Frozen berries

Freeze berries and they will be the best snack to go along with a cocktail. They can even be used to chill down wine without diluting it.

These are some of the fruit hacks that many of the people might not know. These fruit hacks are amazingly interesting and easy for all. Here are a few fruit hacks discussed that will allow you to eat some of the fruits which you might hate like the bananas, etc.

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