Meet the world’s smallest computer that is tinier than a grain of rice

Worlds Smallest Computer

IBM has announced that they produced a world’s smallest computer in March last year. It surprised the researchers at the University of Michigan, including the other researchers. But now the same Michigan group has designed the world’s smallest computer at 0.3 mm. It is noteworthy that is the size of a rice. It is surprising that the previous computing 2x2x4 mm has the same size and all the data contained within it.

This computer will do all the work to save and store data on a desktop computer. About this smallest device, ECE professor David Blaauw said, Do not know how to name this computer. This device, which has a lot more flexibility on lesser devices, is more than a computer. It is noteworthy that he is working with small colleagues along with his professors.

The computer has RAM and its products, processor, wireless transmitter and its receiver. The products on these devices are all too invisible and can be traced to a small light burning. If this light is burned, the power and data can be confirmed.

The challenge was to build this computer ten times smaller than the previous computing power system and transparent system. Only one LED light can ensure that the computer’s circuit is running. David Blaauw added: “We’ve used a new system to design its circuit design. A unique feature is that Power is very small. For example, a small solar cell can change the diodes. And the challenge involved is that you have to put a more accurate solution in the low power.

Furthermore, an accurate temperature sensor is designed and the new device converts temperatures on time intervals, electronic particles are defined and the available spaces will be replaced at a fixed time interval by the base station. Consequently, temperatures in significant areas such as cell’s clusters will have -0.1 degrees Celsius.

Because there is less heat than other devices, there will be no other problem. And our data will not have any problem. Only low temperatures are exposed to this, and we are not protected from other illnesses including cancer.

When we first started doing this millimeter system, we did not think that this could help the world. But since we introduced this to people, we are surprised that the orders in bulk are amazing. He said that this small computer, built with less raw materials, became the world’s smallest computer.

Let’s see what special features are available on this little computer

  • Pressure sensing inside the eye for glaucoma diagnosis
  • Cancer-related Researches
  • Oil storage surveillance
  • Biochemical process monitoring
  • Tracking: audio and display
  • Tiny Snail Researches

The study was presented on June 21 at the 2018 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Environment. “0.04 mm 316W Wireless and Battery Without Integrated Cortex-M 0 + Processor and Optical Communications for Cellular Temperature Measurement, the work is in conjunction with Mi Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited of Japan and Fujitsu Electronics America Inc.

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