A Quick Review on Polar M600 Wearable

Polar M600 Watch

We will take a look at the new Polar M600 wearable. So first glance this thing looks a lot like a foot surge. There’s one key difference between the surge and this fit surge is a sports watch that happens to have some smart watch features. The Polar M600 has been categorized as a smart watch with a whole bunch of fitness features.

Polar M600 Lines

Polar has three lines of wrist wearables there’s the V line which is generally for elite athletes, the M line which is for the fitness enthusiast and the A line which is more for you know a lifestyle device. And this is an M600 so this is kind of their mid-range activity tracking device but like I said it’s a smart watch.

Polar M600 smartwatch Wrap


So it’s actually running on an Android phone fewer fragments that are just talk about the build very quickly is big not going to lie there are too physical but in severe, it has a quick access button that will take you to a couple of the menu options in this over here is a back button. There are also 6 optical heart rate sensors underneath and there’s a built-in GPS which is what you would expect from a company like Polar. There’s also a microphone in here. So you can respond to certain notifications using your voice.


Polar M600 smartwatch Sensor
So let’s take a look at what this tracks. We’ve got an open water swim because it is fully waterproof and will track your swimming which is great. Running, mountain biking, road cycling there’s also indoor cycling I believe hiking other outdoor activities strength training. I mean this it just keeps going and then if you swipe left you can see all of the smartwatch stuff.

Polar M600 smartwatch Apps
So you’ve got 6 data to Google fit you can run Google Maps there’s a Spotify off on here. So all of that good stuff polar is not the first wearable maker to make a sports watch that is running on Android Wear. Generally, the battery life of polar as you can expect to get about 48hours of battery life if you’re using this watch. If you are running Android Wear on the Polar flow app on Android Phone but I was so you’re sinking this to an iPhone. I’m going to get around 24hours of battery life so compared to a lot of fitness devices. That’s not great but it’s in line with what you can get from smart watches all of the data from this watch and other polar products is going to sync with the polar flow app which is free on Android and iOS.

This is a relatively new feature that polar introduced that we’re looking at right now called Polar coach where your coach or trainer can actually see whether or not you’ve been working out and see some of the intensity levels of your workouts and weigh in on that. But this is also where you’re going to control all the settings and all of the apps that you want to run on your polar watch. The new Polar M600 costs $329 and ships sometime in the third quarter of this year that we don’t know exactly when.

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