Top 5 Android Marshmallow Features!

Android Marsmallow

Volume Controls

The best feature is volume controls and this might seem like a little thing because it is but it’s been wrong for so long in stock Android that it’s awesome to finally see it here and it’s been so obvious that other manufacturers have built it into their skins correctly when in Google’s it’s been wrongNow you can hit the volume down button all the way down to zero volume and get to silent mode and then you get the volume down again to get to do not disturb mode and there’s also little clogged to expand to have different separate midi controls for media volume or ring tone volume or notification volume. Finally, it’s right again and it should have been this way the whole time. 

Android M Volume Controls 

Fingerprint Reading

Fingerprint reading is now built in natively into Android and what this means is you can now log into your device using a fingerprint and you can buy apps from the Play Store with your fingerprint. You can even use Android pay with your fingerprint and also this is a wide open API as you would expect from something from Google. So that means you’re not only encourage more manufacturers to build a fingerprint reader into their phone but also you encourage more application makers to build in fingerprint reading into their apps.  So any app where you might buy something like your banking app or any other in a purchase you can use your fingerprint. 


Bunch of Little Tweaks

I would classify as all these little tweaks a bunch of the little things as number three. Some of them are visual like the lock screen have a little bit of a different looking clock that looks a bit better now. But some of them are functional too so the quick settings are going to do not disturb toggle. You can also now control the individual permissions for every app. So if you want the Facebook app, for example, to no longer have access to your microphone on your camera you can turn those off individually. So very nice security features that I think a lot of people are going to take advantage of it. Copy and paste now automatically selects forward word by word which is awesome and easy. You can now make a portable hotspot that’s 2.4gigahertz or 5giga hertz and there’re even a light and a dark theme at least in the settings I didn’t really find anywhere else that this light and dark theme affected the OS but the light-dark theme in the setting is there and it works and it’s pretty awesome.  I’ll get tweaks so the one thing I found that I didn’t really like is the new app drawer in the Google Now launcher. It’s now a vertically scrolling spaced out an alphabetical list of all your apps. It does have a search bar but that’s about the only good thing about it. It’s a lot uglier in my opinion than the original. It could be switched back to the horizontal scrolling alphabetical list before but as far as I’m concerned this is a worse abhor than we had previously and hopefully they switch it back.

Android Pay



So the number two feature is something called So doze essentially what this does is it reads all the sensors of your phone or tablet stuff like your gyroscope an accelerometer and the light sensor to determine if your device is idle and if it sees this then it will cut down on all the background activity and all the background refreshes of your apps to extend your standby time by a lot and I love this. I love any improvement we can get to improve the standby time of the device and hopefully this will bring it closer to something like you can get on an iPadSometimes I’ll leave an iPad on a shelf and come back to it a week later and it still has battery left and that’s never something I’ve been able to do with my Nexus9.  So hopefully Windows will see much longer much-improved standby times for stuff like tablets. And even phones maybe I’ll come back to a phone a couple hours after I put it up and it will have plenty of battery life left so any battery life improvements are welcome and doze is great.



Google Now

The number one improvement to Android M is Google now. Google Now is already a pretty awesome predictive information service for I mean it has basically zero competition.mean that’s beyond a Siri and Cortana pretty good voice search assistance but they don’t get anywhere near the level of functionality of Google now in a Google continues to use all the data they have to make it better and better as they should this year. You know we get a bunch more cards that are improved we get a bunch more information before we even search for it. That’s the kind of stuff are used to with Google now. But now the trick up its sleeve is something called now on tap. So from anywhere on any screen on your phone, you can hold down the home button to get Google now cards relevant to whatever’s on your screen. Unfortunately, this is not working. But from what we saw in the keynote and all the demos. It looks awesome essentially maybe you’re texting someone about business now on top. What you hold the home button and get those cards about maybe a map of where the business is a shortcut to call them to navigate their etc and reduce on your screen. It gives you relevant info. Let’s say you’re on Twitter and you’re scrolling you see a tweet about a new movie. You can tap on long press on that home button and get info on a nearby movie theater and info on the ratings and actors and everything in the movie. Basically, it reads what’s on your screen and gives you information that will help you. Some might say that’s a little bit creepy and a little bit weird but on the other hand it’s super helpful and borderline genius.

Google Now

So those are your top features in enjoyed em like I said the updated self is not a huge visual change but it’s got a bunch of little tweaks and things and that’s not even the full listWe’ll probably see even more tweaks when we see the final version of Android M. There is even some things that aren’t even specific to the software stuff like Android Pay is new. It’s got a pretty friendly. Name to Apple pay of course but it’s essentially an improved version of Google Wallet. We now with carrier support now with fingerprint support. We also now have Google photos who Photos app is pretty important it says giant archiving backup search and organizational service for all of your photos ever. And it’s free so that’s pretty impressive and she gave iCloud a run for its money at least for people who are paying for photo backup and also USB C support which should give us a pretty good idea of what port to see the next nexus when it comes out so they have a guy that are am on my Nexus six. I’m going to continue using it if I find things like doze actually improves my battery life I’ll let you guys know on Twitter to find other tweaks that are helping out to all let you know. 

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