Best 3D Printers Of 2016

Best 3D Printers

When planning to buy a printer, the first question that comes to mind is, “Which 3D printer should I choose?” There are huge specifications and features to consider about a printer selection. They include software, printer connections and resolution and so on. These devices have become viable and affordable products. They can be used by designers, engineers, hobbyists, in schools, and even consumers.

It’s important to know that 3D printers differ from one another. They come in a variety of styles and may be optimized for a particular audience or kind of printing. Among all these considerations, selecting the right model is a difficult job for anyone. Now it’s made easy to choose one giving you the top printer’s list below.

1. Makergear M2:

Makergear M2

The Makergear M2 is a precise and reliable 3D printer. This printer ranks highest in the Workhorse category. The Makergear M2 was originally released in 2012. It’s now in its 5th generation of builds by Ohio-based Makergear.

The M2 owes its reliability to a solid steel frame and aluminum construction. It results in precision print quality. It’s built with an envelope of 254mm × 203mm × 203mm. It also features a heated platform for printing in both PLA(Polylactic acid) and ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). M2 owners also utilize a wide range of materials ranging from common thermoplastics to Flexibles, Nylons, Polycarbonate, and more. Additionally, open source electronics and firmware allow users to adjust and tweak this machine to their liking. Interchangeable nozzles and a swappable dual-extruder upgrade give its modular nature. This printer even makes maintenance easy.

Reviewers have praised the M2’s “hackability” especially with homing the axes. One reviewer says, “The reliability and the ease of maintenance have made this printer worth every penny for me. This machine is a tank and keeps plugging away at everything I’ve thrown at it the past 18 months”.

However, there is a  slight learning curve to achieve this printer’s full potential. One of the drawbacks of the printer is it lacks in terms of ease of use. Due to its open chassis, users have also noted that the M2 isn’t the quietest of machines.

2. Original Prusa i3 MK2:

Original Prusa i3 MK2

This printer is the top rated desktop and Trending printer in the Budget category.

Headquartered in Prague, the Original Prusa i3 design is completely open-source. The MK2 comes with a bunch of clever features that set it apart from similar printers in this price range.

The MK2 has a volume of 250mm × 210mm × 200mm, which is a little bigger than most desktop printers. One of the most impressive features of this printer is the MK42 heated bed. This bed has a lot more features than just heating up. It’s a thick, custom PCB (printed circuit board) heater with a thin PEI foil on top. This means it heats up and cools down quickly, has fantastic bed adhesion. Also, it ends up as a very light y-axis setup. The bed also features calibration points that can compensate for a skewed axis. Combined with an inductive probe for automatic bed leveling, it makes calibration a breeze. The i3 MK2 comes with a silent mode in which power is reduced to the stepper motors resulting in a much quieter printing process. This unique feature is limited to prints under 400 grams.

It is rated almost high for its print quality, build volume, reliability, architecture and price, of corse. One reviewer proclaimed it “Best value for money out there”. Another said, “As an engineer, I would rather spend my time designing parts than adjusting my printer. The Prusa i3 Mk2 is easy to set up and prints consistently”.

As with any 3D printer, the MK2 falls short in a couple areas. Two issues consistently cited by our reviewers are the noise level and lack of a dual extruder. To mitigate the latter, however, Josef Prusa announced that he will be releasing a multi-material upgrade for dual and quad extrusion.

The Original Prusa i3 MK2 has made a big impression on the 3D printing community since it was launched. A Budget winner with great potential produces quality prints straight out of the box with zero tuning.

3. Ultimaker 2+:

Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker has made a name for itself since launching their Original 3D printer in 2011. It is considered to be one of the most solid and all-around 3D printers by many. The Ultimaker 2+ is a highest rated printer in terms of Prosumer this year.

The Ultimaker 2+ features semi-translucent sides similar to its predecessor, the Ultimaker 2. The Ultimaker 2+ improves upon its previous version. It comes equipped with a new PT100 printhead, an upgraded heater cartridge. It has also the ability to use different nozzle sizes. As a result, it can achieve a build speed volume of up to 24mm³/s with the 0.8mm nozzle.

The fan system is optimized for improved cooling and airflow. The 2+ offers Ultimaker 2 an extruder upgrade to convert the Ultimaker 2 into 2+. These upgrades are implemented based on the feedbacks from owners of the previous model.

A 3D printing ecosystem like the one offered by Ultimaker doesn’t come cheap. It costs $2,499 and is to be exact.

4. Formlabs Form 2:

Formlabs Form 2

Formlabs wins a spot in Prosumer category this year with its Form 2 SLA 3D printer. Formlabs has been again designed with its iconic orange enclosure and metal base design. It features a larger build volume than the Form 1+, at 145mm × 175mm × 175mm.

It uses a new sliding peel mechanism to gently remove the object from the print bed for the next print layer. This happens while a self-heating resin tank warms the resin to a consistent temperature. This ensures a reliable print process that maintains quality without sacrificing speed. This Form 2 is also equipped with an automatic resin system that refills the tank with resin if levels are low.

Formlabs have added new connectivity options. They include Ethernet, WiFi, and touch screen interface. So you can print jobs or manage your print queue in whatever way you choose.

The print quality, build quality and precision of Form 2 is extremely high. Form 2 is a well-received and high-resolution 3D printer. This printer costs $3,499 which is worth its features.

5. LulzBot TAZ 6:

LulzBot TAZ 6

This is the sixth generation in the TAZ series by LulzBot. It is rated very high for build quality and reliability. Furthermore, users of the TAZ 6 have almost unanimously given it 5 stars for print quality.

The TAZ 6 is categorized as a workhorse printer which prints consistently and reliably. It features self-leveling and self-cleaning mechanisms.  It has a large build envelope of 280mm × 280mm × 250mm. It’s also equipped with the new v2 Hot End, capable of printing in a wide variety of materials. These materials range from general purpose plastics to conductive PLA and ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonates and Alloy 910.

An automatic bed leveling feature allows this printer to achieve a stellar print quality. This printer is priced at $2,500. As a result, LulzBot does sell a dual extruder tool head separately.

Finally, the TAZ 6 helps to increase technical knowledge and tinkering capabilities.

These are the selected top 5 and best 3D Printers of 2016 among various Printers, Now it can be a bit easier for those who are planning to buy the best 3D printer.

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