Tips To Organize Your Photos

organize your photos

Nowadays, it’s become that everyone has all their memories saved. Thanks to the digital cameras and smartphones. This could happen because of these devices. And they are easily accessible and can be more easily shared from one device to another. Moreover, most of us have photos on all our devices, smartphones, tablets, and everywhere. Don’t you feel it’s better to shift the photos on all the devices to your computer and organize your photos for securing them?

Who knows what could happen to those photos on various devices? They may get deleted, or may you miss your phone or tablet somewhere. To avoid losing all your photos, you can get them under a single roof and let it be your computer. Literally, they are memories, not simply photos or pictures.

Since they are photos from various devices to be brought into one device, how will you organize your photos? There are a plethora of ways to organize your photos on your computer.

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Here are we to let you know some of the tips to organize your photos accordingly.

1. Sort by date and time:

sort by date and time

Your photos will have the date and time at which you took the snaps. And if you are a pro, your memory would almost be full with the photos you have taken all the time. There will be different folders for each day. Your computer has an option to sort your photos by date and time they were taken. The date will be recorded in Exif (Exchangeable image file format) tags inside the image.

To view the information about the image, i.e., the date and time of when you have taken the photos in the Windows Explorer, follow the steps given. Right-click on the folder and select “Properties”. Then go to Customize tab, it will ask, “What kind of folder do you want?” Choose “Pictures” from the drop-down menu and apply to all the subfolders. Again right-click on the Windows Explorer menu bar and add the columns you want.

This will help you sort all the photos in all the folders and subfolders by date and time on your computer.

2. Sort by location:

Similar to sorting the photos by date and time, sorting by location can be obtained. For sorting the images by location, firstly you need to turn ON the GPS. You may think that keeping the GPS turned ON will make your battery drain soon. And this would be a problem when you are going to a distant place. So, you can turn ON the GPS only when required and turn it OFF when you are not taking any snaps. This can save you some juice and help you use your device for a longer time.

3. Rename:

This is one of the big tasks to rename the images or the folders saved to your computer according to the occasion or whatever it relates to. This will help you find a photo at a later time. While you rename the images or folders, edit the images, fix red-eye, and correct the colors at that time. Finally, save the edited images into the folders you have created.

4. Backup:

After you have saved all the photos to your computer, back it up right then. You can backup your files and folders with at least two of the following methods. You can use an external drive, an online storage service, or prints. Going with the online services, make sure that you use the one that has its main focus on storage. And for printing, it is charged for downloading and the resolution is reduced.

5. Organize the Albums:

Now the database of the images remains unchanged, but it’s better to organize them accordingly after editing them. You can add captions to the images if you wish to have and get all these done while editing. Keep in mind that the original image should not lose its quality. There are a plenty of photo organizers with which this can be obtained.

These are the steps to be followed to organize your photos on your computer.

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