Most Popular and Useful Google Scripts


Google Scripts offer programmatic access to most Google products that includes Google Docs, Analytics, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Contacts, Calendar, Google Analytics, and Maps. The Google scripts are written in regular Javascript language and they are hosted on Google’s servers.

Most Useful Google Apps Scripts


An updated collection of Google Scripts helps you do more with your favorite Google products. You don’t have to be a programmer to use any of these scripts.

Files Permissions Explorer:

See who has access to your shared files and folders in Google Drive and whether they view or edit permissions.

Google Form File Uploads:

Directly you can receive files in your Google Drive from anyone through HTML forms created with HTML Service.

Mail Merge with Gmail:

Using the Gmail Merge add-on, send personalized email messages to your contacts.

Send to Google Drive: 

Directly you can save your  Gmail and Email attachments to Google Drive with the Save Emails add-on.

Retweet & Favorite Bot:

In Google Scripts, another Twitter bot wrote that will auto-retweet matching tweets.

Gmail Autoresponder:

Reply to one or more email messages in your Gmail using pre-written email templates.

Website Uptime Monitor:

Receive instant email and SMS alerts when your websites go down. For free, you can monitor all your web domains.

Amazon Price Tracker:

Keep track of prices of your favorite products on Amazon and while the prices go down or up to get email alerts.

Gmail Unsubscriber: 

Unsubscribe your email address from bulk emails and mailing lists automatically.

Read Receipts in Gmail:

Use Google Analytics and Apps Script to track your outgoing Gmail messages. You get notified when people open and read your email.

Advanced Gmail Filters:

For sorting incoming messages in your Gmail, have more control over the criteria.

Send Google Spreadsheets as PDF: 

You can setup a recurring task that converts your spreadsheet to PDF and email to specific recipients as per schedule.

Download Tweets Permanently:

Specify any hashtag and the script downloads and save all matching tweets to a spreadsheet.

Schedule Gmail Emails:

You can write the emails now and with Apps Script and Google Sheets send them later at any date and time.

Sell Digital Products Online:

Use a combination of Google Drive and PayPal to set up your own digital shop online.

Save Google Voicemails as MP3:

Automatically, the web app copies the MP3 of your Google voice mail messages from Gmail to Google Drive.

Gravity Forms to Google Sheets:

Write a Google Script that saves your Gravity WordPress form entries to a Google Spreadsheet without Zapier.

Gmail Encrypt:

Using the powerful AES encryption you can encrypt your outgoing Gmail messages and no one will be able to snoop your private conversations.

1-click Website Hosting:

To host your websites, podcasts, images and other media files on Google Drive with one tap using this Google Script.

Google Web Scraping: 

With the ImportXML function for analysis or export them in other formats, import Google Search results into a Google Spreadsheet.

Flipkart & Snapdeal Price Tracker:

Monitor and compare prices of items listed on Snapdeal and Flipkart and get price alerts via email.

Bulk Tweets & DMs:

From a Google Spreadsheet, you can send personalized Direct Messages and tweets in bulk to Twitter users.

Save Gmail Images:

The script monitors your Gmail mailbox and will auto-save any image attachments to your Google Drive.

Sort Gmail by Size:

Is your Gmail mailbox running out of space? The scripts determine all the bulky messages in your Gmail mailbox.

Bulk Forward Gmail:

The auto-forward feature in Gmail only works on incoming messages. On concord, our bulk forward script can forward the even older email to your other email addresses.

Update Google Contacts:

See how your family and friends can directly update or add their own contact information into your Google address book.

Google Contacts Map:

The Google Script plots the postal address of your Google Contacts on a Google Map. You can also export this data as a KML file for Google Earth.

Email Form Data:

Google Forms are the best tool for creating online surveys and polls. The script emails you the entire form data as soon as someone submits the form.

Auto Confirmation Emails:

To the user’s email address send confirmation emails after they submit a Google Form.

Schedule Google Forms

For your Google Form, set an expiration date and automatically they will close at a certain date.

Twitter Bot

Learn how to write your own Twitter bot that auto-responds to tweets. This particular bot queries Wolfram Alpha to answer queries.

WordPress Authentication with Google Scripts:

Put anything behind a WordPress login be it a link to download a document from Google Drive or a web app created in Google Apps Script.

Twitter Out-of-Office:

You can create out-of-office automatic replies for people who are trying to reach you via Twitter and they wouldn’t expect a response from you right away.

SMS Alerts for Gmail: 

SMS text alerts can be received for important incoming messages in your Gmail by connecting your mailbox with a private Twitter account.

Extract Email Addresses: 

The script scans your mailbox and creates a list of email addresses of people who have previously communicated with you. Useful for building your email marketing lists.

Transfer Gmail:

Moving to a different email address?

Automatically the script copies all your email messages from your old Gmail inbox to another mailbox that could be on any web service.

Reminder for starred messages:

With the list of messages get a daily digest that you have “Starred” in your Gmail mailbox and may want to follow up on them.

Advanced Gmail Search:

A variety of search commands is supported by Gmail. On concord, now you can also use Regular Expressions for searching messages on Gmail.

Twitter RSS Feeds:

Twitter no longer provides RSS feeds. On concord, you can use Google Apps Script to create your own feeds for Twitter timelines, lists, and searches.

Google+ RSS Feeds: 

This Apps Script based Chrome add-on helps you generate RSS feeds for any Google Plus user or even search results written by Eric Koleda.

Translate RSS:

You can translate foreign language RSS feeds into your native language with Google Scripts and subscribe to them in your favorite news reader.

Gmail Label Feeder:

For any of your Gmail labels, create an RSS feed that you can later feed into Pocket, Evernote, etc through IFTTT written by Martin Hawksey.

Gmail Meter:

The script helps you analyze how you use Gmail. It also generates statistics such as how many emails you send, an average length of messages, turn-around time etc written by Romain Vialard.

Gmail Delay Send:

While there are browser add-ons that let you schedule emails in the script is easier, Gmail, safer and your messages will be delivered on a specified time and date written by Blair Kutzman.

Gmail Snooze:

When you snooze an email, it disappears from view. On concord reappears in the inbox at some specified time in the future written by Corey Goldfeder.

Gmail Auto Purge:

Automatically, the script will delete older email messages from specific senders after a certain period of time similar to auto-sweep in Outlook.

Gmail Clean-up:

In Gmail, create time-based filters in Gmail that will automatically move, archive or even delete all messages from any particular Gmail label that are older than “n” days written by John E Day.

Save Gmail as PDF:

The script saves the body of an email message as a PDF file. You can optionally send the converted PDF to your email address.

Instagram Downloads:

From Instagram download photos belonging to specific tags to your Google Drive with Apps Script written by Waqar Ahmad.


The script converts your Google Drive documents into the popular Markdown (.md) format that can be imported into several publishing platforms written by Renato Mangini.

Gmail NoResponse:

This tracks your email messages in Gmail that are awaiting a response and where you may want to send a follow-up mail written by Jonathan Kim.

Force Password Change:

Use this script to force all your domain users to change their passwords if you are an admin of a Google Apps domain written by Waqar Ahmad.

Text Browser:

A Lynx-inspired browser that lets you browse the web in text and is written using Apps Script. The browser can also be used as a proxy server for reading web content.

Self-destructive Messages:

Inside a Google, Sheet sends confidential messages and the message disappears after it has been read.

Auto-Expire Shared Folders: 

For your shared folders in Google Drive, you can set an expiry date and the shared links automatically expire at the specified time and date.

Reddit Scraper: 

With Google Scripts, use the Reddit API to download all posts from any Reddit to your Google sheet.

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