Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Review

Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung held an event to publicly launch its Family Hub Refrigerator. First,it was seen at CES a few months ago, but it was not working units back then. Now it does and it is just as ridiculous as you imagine.

Fridge of the future, roots in the past

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator has a 21.5-inch touchscreen on its door. It contains the best features in it such as ingredient-tracking fridge cams, an assortment of fridge apps. It is a beautiful appliance that performs like the high-end fridge and it has the good features that you won’t find anywhere.

If Samsung’s aim was to create the most modern fridge on the market, then mission accomplished. There is nothing like the Family Hub Refrigerator, not even among smart fridges. The only thing to mind is the cost of electricity when buying a fridge like this one.

What it contains:

The Family hub contains three built-in cameras when the doors are closed they will take a photo and you can access them from anywhere in your mobiles that you can find the missing things easily and it has Four-Doors Flex build already felt like a logical, desirable evolution from today’s near-ubiquitous French door stylings.To know more about this watch the below video.

How it keeps your family connected:

It keeps reminds you all your family schedules such as events and leaves notes. It shows off your pictures of your family vacation.

Family Hub Refrigerator

 1 .Calendar:

Sync every one’s calendar to family Hub to not miss any practice, rectal or any game night.

2. Notes:

Send Notes and reminders to the touch screen from your smartphone and apps like sticki.

3. Photos:

You can keep your favorite photos on the touchscreen display.

About touchscreen

Already we have said above, that the touch screen is 21.5 inches from corner to corner and it offers a dedicated kitchen command center. Its size is large compared to previous Samsung’s attempt at the smart fridge and it is the one that helps the Family Hub feel fully realized. We can’t make a small screen performs all these things like calendar, photos ,and  web browsing. So the screen had to be in a large size.

Size isn’t everything, though. We’ve all grown accustomed to smooth, responsive touch controls on our phones and tablets, and it’s fair to expect the same from a touchscreen fridge that costs this much. And, while they still aren’t as smooth or as snappy as you’d get with a high-end tablet, I found that the touch controls on the Family Hub’s screen felt much better than they did two months ago when I tested out a preproduction model in the CNET Smart Home. Chalk one up for software updates.

Along with the widgets for time and weather that stay locked at the top of the home screen, the Family Hub Fridge comes with the following apps:

  • White Board: app for scribbling notes and sketching doodles
  • Internet: app for browsing the web
  • View Inside: app that pulls up pictures of the interior and lets you track expiration dates using drag-and-drop countdown timers
  • Club des Chefs: app with recipes and instructional cooking videos
  • Allrecipes: app for organizing personal recipes and finding new ones
  • StickiBoard: app that imports calendars from Google and Outlook into a shared family fridge calendar
  • Pandora: app for streaming music
  • TuneIn: app for streaming podcasts and internet radio
  • Photo Album: app for organizing photos into a fridge screensaver
  • Shopping List: app for organizing your grocery list
  • TV Mirroring: app that displays the picture from current-gen Samsung smart TVs
  • InstaCart/Groceries by MasterCard: apps for ordering groceries for home delivery
  • Timer: app with timers for things like marinating steak and chilling beer
  • Fridge Manager: app for viewing and changing the fridge temperature and settings

Apps like the web browser and the TV mirror seem to offer fringe utility at best, and others simply seem superfluous (two recipe apps? Two grocery delivery apps?) And no, you can’t delete any of these apps (or download different ones), but you can at least drag the ones you don’t use as much to the second screen.

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