Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, the successor of Samsung Gear S2 has gone big in a bid to match Apple Watch 2. Its features include GPS, heart rate monitoring, water tracking, NFC, an altimeter, water resistance, and LTE. But this time, Samsung Gear S3 runs Tizen, instead of Android wear. The battery life of the Gear S3 wins over several Smartwatches. And this literally means a smartwatch replacing a smartphone.

The Gear S3 doesn’t do much to improve the experience or support more apps. Some of these apps use the Gear S3 standalone LTE. This Gear S3 can be paired and used with Android smartphones as well as iPhone. This can be achieved via the Samsung’s new iOS smartwatch pairing app. The Samsung Gear S3 can be called a feature-rich device as it packs a plethora of features more than what the Gear S2 offers. This is a high-resolution smartwatch and has a circular OLED screen.

There is a good news for all the users of latest Samsung phones that the Samsung Gear S3 is compatible with all the latest Samsung phones. This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad news for other smartphone users. But it is compatible with the Android phones that run on 4.4 version of OS and later and at least 1.4GB of RAM.

The Samsung Gear S3 works well with all other smartphones other than Samsung. But the thing is it needs Samsung-specific apps to make the Smartphone work more. In other words, the Samsung Gear S3 requires more apps that are available on Samsung devices. So it will be easy for the Samsung Gear S3 users to get the work done completely out of it.

There are some of the interesting apps in the Samsung Gear S3 such as Spotify, Samsung pay. Spotify can work over Wi-Fi and LTE, but it can’t download tracks. If the smartwatch is streaming for an hour and a half, the battery drains.

Coming to the design of the Samsung Gear S3, it has 2 designs. It’s both like a regular watch and a futuristic with good looks. The watch is big and looks like more a sports watch. But this design won’t suit for all the people. This LTE-equipped model needs a big and thick wrist to wear the Samsung Gear S3. This model can even take calls and can connect apps. This smartwatch is simply a smartphone on your wrist since it can satisfy almost all the features of a smartphone.

Fitness tracking is another feature built-in with this smartwatch. The fitness tracker here is S Health that can keep track of the user’s heart beat, automatic activity tracking, log liquid intake. It even keeps track of and reminds the sports and exercises to be followed.

S HEalth

Samsung’s iOS app is not good, but it’s more versatile than a basic Android Wear conduit. Samsung S Health connects for fitness tracking, and a handful of apps and watch faces can be downloaded. Not just all of them, for instance, Spotify and Uber don’t make the cut.

The Samsung S-voice is packed with the Samsung Gear S3. This is Google upcoming Assistant improvements to Android Wear and Siri on Apple watch. S-voice can set alarms, make calls, weather forecast.

The Samsung Gear S3 has a negative point that the LTE model can drain the battery fast. It can last for just 2-3 days when the smartphone is paired with a phone. But if the LTE has used Android to connect the watch away from the phone, the battery drains fast. The battery life depends on the usage of the Smartwatch.

Another feature added to the Samsung Gear S3 is its water resistance. It’s just dust and dunk-friendly, so you cannot use this while swimming like the Apple Watch Series 2. You can just use it while it is raining a little or while your body is sweating. In this case, the gear S3 doesn’t match with the working of Apple watch.

This is all about the features of the Samsung Gear S3. All the sports persons can use this watch as a tracker except swimmers. Other than that, this can fit anyone usage.

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