Free Online Photo Editing Tool

Picozu is a simple tool that helps the user to do different photo editing tasks in online. This is a worthy tool for people those who want to do different editing tasks on their photo. It is a complete online photo editing tool.

Picozu  allows the users to retouch images and do many editing tasks using brushes, filters, layers etc. Picozu was build using HTML 5 , CSS3 and javascript. Currently Picozu supports browsers like Google chrome, opera 10, Internet Explorer 9, Safari5 , FireFox 5.

The images of the user are added to the Picozu community. Every image will be represented in large size, name of the user,title and description. It also allows the user to comment on photos, using a Facebook comment feature. The user can also create list of favorite images in Picozu and share it on social websites like facebook , twitter.


Picozu contains several image categories like

·        Drawings,  




·        Photography,
·        Memes,
·        Text art,
·        Pixel art
·        Sketches,
·        Design,
·        Cartoons etc.


  • Using Picozu , the user can add effects to the images, until the user finds it good.
  • The user can crop the image, resize the image ,and also it allows the user to apply tons of filters.
  • After editing the photos the user can easily download the photo or they can save them to different cloud storage services such as skydrive, drop box etc. ,can save them online.


  • This online photo editing tool allows the users to login with their facebook account and import photos from there.
  • For using Picozu , the user dosent even want to have flash or any other plugins.
  • The user can do tasks like adding texts and frames, retro effects, removing red eye , adding effects , rotating image etc.