Internet Download Manager – High Speed Download Accelerator

Internet download manager is a tool which is used mainly for downloading the videos and files. The main advantage of internet download manager is ,it can download videos  relatively at a high speed . It is more user friendly and easy to use




  • Internet download manager splits the downloaded files dynamically , at the time of downloading itself.
  • It achieves best acceleration performance.
  • Firewalls, cookies, MPEG videos , HTTP protocols , proxy servers etc are supported by IDM.
  • It also includes features like protection from virus and
    Malwares ,zip preview, scheduler pro , sounds on different events etc.
  • It is provided with a built in User interface.
  • It can run in linux platforms, windows platform , Mac OS and OS X operating System.
  • Internet download manager downloads at the speed of 200mps . However the downloading speed depends on the server.
  • IDM is integrated in to Mozilla firefox , Netscape , Internet Explorer , MSN Explorer and all other browser.
  • It can also dial the users modem , download the files , then hang up or automatically it will shut down the system when the work is finished .


       It is very easy to download files through IDM. Just paste the URL of the file which you want to download in IDM window , and select download. Then automatically the downloading process will start. Download from here