Reset iPhone and iPad

Reset iPhone and iPad

If you want to reset iPhone restriction passcode, follow these solutions to reset your restriction password. Let’s see some basic background knowledge on restriction passcode.

Parents can control which applications and features others usually their children can access by setting a four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).

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Restrictions can be set for a whole range of things. For instance, parents might choose to limit access to the iTunes Store to prevent frivolous, unacceptable spending. A Restrictions Passcode might be used to limit such basic and many more sophisticated things. This is a wide range of things worth of some careful and exploration consideration.


Let me show you four simple ways to reset restriction password on your iPhone device now.

Solution One:

Remember the Password to reset the Restrictions Passcode.

There are different approaches such as passcodes or passwords. In terms of your security, you should do what feels comfortable for you. This includes having a passcode which you’ll remember. It’s not a solution but if you want to change your passcode to something which is going to work better for you.


  • Go to Settings, then to General-> Restrictions.


  • Enter your existing Passcode


  • You’ll be asked to enter your passcode again when you click on Disable Restrictions.



You’ll be asked to enter a new passcode, when you ‘Enable Restrictions’ again. Please do not forget it!


You need to know that it’ll lead to data loss before you follow these steps. So maintain a backup which can be easily restored later.

Dr. Fone is a tool used for iOS Data Backup & Restore, because if you restore from an iTunes local computer or iCloud Apple’s servers backup. The very same passcode, the one which you have forgotten will be restored to your device again. You’ll be back in the position where you started.

You need to back up your data with a specialist tool as we have suggested, one which allows you to backup then restore, just what you want.

Reset Your iPhone or iPad using Find My iPhone


You can use Find My iPhone alternatively. Especially this is convenient if you have lost your iPhone or it has been stolen. You want to confirm no one will access data on it. Follow the below steps to do this:

  • Go to the Find My iPhone website and log in using your Apple ID.
  • Choose the one that you want to reset from the list of available devices if you have more than one device in this account.
  • Tap on the “Erase iPhone” or “iPad” if you are resetting your tablet option available in your device’s information box.
  • You will be asked to confirm your decision. It resets after that. It begins as soon as the device becomes online if the device is offline.

You can reset your family members devices back to their factory default, remember that if you have “Family Sharing” setting set up. You’ll be asked to enter a phone number and a message which is then shown on screen after the reset is completed when resetting an iOS device.

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