From tuxedos to three-pieces and to completely mismatched trousers and blazers, today there’s a whole arsenal of modern wedding attire for men. Long gone are the days when you could opt for either a suit and tie or a tuxedo. Now, you have a wide selection of colors, patterns, and outfit combinations that allow you to express your character and personality through your wedding outfit. If you need a little bit of inspiration for your big day, we’ve come up with a few outfit ideas that will pique your interest.

Outfit Ideas for Men

Wedding Outfit Ideas for Men

A black-tie wedding

One of the always-in outfits is certainly a traditional suit. Whether you go for a tuxedo and a black bow tie, or you opt for a suit and tie ensemble, it’ll look fabulous on your wedding day. Dress up the getup with a pair of cufflinks, a luxury watch like Bell and Ross, and a pocket square to match the tie. With an elegant leather belt and a pair of black patent dress shoes, your wedding outfit will be on point ready to dazzle your bride. 

A vineyard wedding

If you’re planning a vineyard wedding near Sydney perhaps, then the level of formality won’t be so high and you’ll have more freedom to incorporate some of your personal touches into an entire wedding combo. A lighter-coloured suit is a perfect choice for the wedding that takes place outdoors. You can find elegant tailored-made wedding suits Sydney wide and choose the one style that goes best with your personality. Think about turning the style game up a notch and wear a mint-hued tie with a light blue checked dress shirt. A pocket square to match the tie, plus a cream vest will look fabulous under the beige or taupe suit. 

Ditch the usual colours

Avoid Usual Colors

Are you more of a type who thinks outside the box? If so, feel free to ditch the usual colours such as navy blue, black, and grey, and opt for something more outlandish like maroon or cranberry with black lapels. A white dress shirt and a black bow tie are all you need to make the combo fabulous.  A sage green suit can also be one of the options that can also welcome a floral tie to step up the style game. Wear a pair of cognac brown dress shoes and a matching belt to make your wedding outfit truly remarkable.

Forget about matching

Who says that you have to wear a full suit for your wedding? You’re your own boss and only what you want matters. Therefore, you don’t need to stick to a matching blazer and pants, but feel free to play by your own rules and mix up a jacket and pants that coordinate with each other, but are different colours.

A pair of black pants and a light grey blazer with a white dress shirt and a multi-coloured bow tie can look amazing. A cobalt blue blazer, a grey vest, and a light blue tie in combination with tobacco trousers will also be a suitable combo if you like more toned-down hues. For those who want to truly stand out, consider vibrant coral orange trousers, a light grey blazer, and a black tie with polka dots. With a gingham style dress shirt, a pair of cognac brown dress shoes, and a hat to match, you’ll look fascinating.

Final thoughts

Wedding Day Outfit ideas

Looking sharp on your wedding day is imperative, but it doesn’t require you dressing like every other groom. Instead, you have the liberty of creating your unique outfit and dazzle all the guests while feeling fabulous. Feel free to mix and match colours and patterns if you want to break a few rules. Think outside the box and incorporate unexpected but fashionable items and hues that will allow you to create a wonderful trendy wedding outfit.

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