iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D-Back

Restore iPhone Data No Matter How You Lost Them

Restore iPhone Data No Matter How You Lost Them

iMyFone D-Back is used for iPhone Data Recovery. It can recover any data lost from iPad/iPod/iPhone. Accidentally we may lose our iPhone contacts, pictures, text messages, and more. For such cases, iMyFone D-Back is an efficient iPhone data recovery software to rescue software to rescue all your lost data under various tough circumstances.

  • iPhone damaged, broken or lost.
  • iPhone locked by forgotten passcode.
  • iDevices are attacked by viruses.
  • Important files are deleted or lost by accident.
  • iPhone jailbreak, iOS upgrade or factory reset.

Supports 22+ Different File Formats for Recovery on All iOS Devices

The iPhone recovery software gets back various files that include popular third-party Instant Messenger apps history from your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone.

Message & Call log

Text Message

  • Text Message


  • iMessage

Call History

  • Call History


  • Contact

Photo & Video


  • Photo


  • Video

App photo

  • App Photo

App Video

  • App Video

Third-party IM APP

WhatsApp Message

  • WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp Attachment

  • WhatsApp Attachment

WeChat Message

  • WeChat Message

WeChat Attachment

  • WeChat Attachment

Skype Message

  • Skype Message

Skype Attachment

  • Skype Attachment

Viber Message

  • Viber Message

viber attachment

  • Viber Attachment

kik message

  • Kik Message

Kik Attachment

  • Kik Attachment

Line Message

  • Line Message

line attachment

  • Line Attachment

Memo & others


  • Note


  • Bookmark


  • Calendar


  • Reminder


  • Safari History

Voice Memo

  • Voice Memo

Four Recovery Modes to Find Your iPhone Data Quickly

The four recovery modes are supported by iMyFone D-back to retrieve your lost files under various conditions.

Smart Recovery

Smart Recovery

The data recovery for iPhone can find your data quickly if you don’t have a clue where to find your data. That depends on the file type and the situation in which you lost it.

Recover from iOS Device

Recover from iOS Device

Stop being frustrated if you lost iPhone data without any backup. To search and recover your lost data directly from your iOS device try iMyFone D-Back

Recover from iTunes Backup

Recover from iTunes Backup

Don’t get worried if your iPhone is damaged or lost. Your precious data can be recovered from an iTunes backup without a connecting iDevice.

Recover from iCloud Backup

Recover from iCloud Backup

By avoiding the situation of overwriting the current data on your iPhone, iMyFone D-Back can extract the backup data from iCloud to your computer.

Preview Function to Recover Data Selectively

iMyFone D-Back allows you to preview both media texts and files in detail. So that you can simply and exactly select the data you want to recover. You may be surprised to find your lost data which you are eager to recover with detailed preview but did not expect to. This means no digging through lots and lots of recovered files to find what you want.

App photo

  • Preview Photos & Videos


  • View Contacts


  • Read Notes


  • Check Messages and Texts

Totally Repair Your iOS System at Home without Data Loss

  • Fix a wide array of iOS device system issues ranging from a looped recovery mode, black screens, white Apple screen of death etc.
  • Unlike iCloud or iTunes restore options, protect you from any data changes. Nothing on your device is changed or lost.
  • Fix your device yourself at home easily instead of hiring iOS system experts.

How it works

It will be best to explain the simple working of this software before we discuss the features of iMyfone D-Back. To recover your lost data, there are three conceptual steps. They are named as the following:

  • Select
  • Scan
  • Recover


This not only scans your lost data from your iOS devices, but also from iTunes backup and iCloud backup. You can choose the types of files you need. The following steps are simple.

iMyFone D-Back after installation


1. Select File Types


Select the lost file types you want to recover. This includes call logs and messages, photos and videos, memos, and other apps such as WhatsApp and Skype among others.

Kind of files you need to recover


2. Select Data Loss Type 

Before recognization


After Recognization


Select the way you lost your data.




3. Tap on ‘start’ on the “Recover from iOS Device” page.

“Recover from iOS Device”

4. iTunes Backup

iTunes Backup

You will see your device in the list if your iOS device is synced with iTunes. Select it and tap on ‘scan’.

5. Sign in iCloud

Sign in iCloud

Using your Apple ID and password, log into your iCloud account.

6. Preview Files

Preview Files

Before recovering them, you have to preview all your files.

7. Fix iOS System Issues

Fix iOS System Issues

Tap on ‘start’ on this page to fix any iOS system issues. As that may have caused the data loss. iMyfone D-Back identifies the problem and suggests the firmware fix the problem.

8. Download

To fix your iOS device, download the firmware.

Recovery Modes

There are 4 recovery modes in iMyfone D-Back to help get your iPhone data back.

You can choose the right mode depending on the situation:

Smart Recovery: This mode allows you to recover data instantly based on your data loss circumstances if you don’t know where or how to find your data and the file types. You don’t have to worry about scan/recovery path.

Recover from iOS Device: Many iPhone users never make any backups on iTunes or iCloud. By attempting data recovery from your iPhone or another iOS device, iMyfone D-Back can help you even in this situation.

iTunes Backup Recovery: iMyfone D-Back could be used in this mode if your device was synced with iTunes.

iCloud Backup Recovery: You could use this mode if you had synced with iCloud.

iMyfone D-Back can also be used for fixing your iOS system without the worry of data loss as already indicated above. It can help in setting different types of problems in your iOS system. This includes black screens, white Apple screen of death, looped recovery mode and much more. The software can also help in preventing data changes. You can fix your iOS device without the need for getting the help of a costly expert service.

Note: Automatically iMyFone D-back can scan your lost data from iTunes backup or iCloud backup, iOS devices according to the file types that you select under the Smart Recovery Mode.

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