Remove Red Eye in Photoshop

How To Remove Red Eye in Photo

Most of us use the flash on the camera to take pictures in a dark room. This flash on the camera will cause the red eye effect of the person’s eye in the dark. The person’s pupil appears in bright red color when the flash in switched on to take snaps in a dark room. This red eye would not be good to see the pictures of the people. It seems devilish to see someone sitting in the dark. So, we think it would be better to remove red eye. This can be obtained with the help of Photoshop.

Photoshop helps you to remove red eye and make a huge number of changes like whatever we want the picture to be. Red eye used to be a major problem when it was once a time of films. But now, there isn’t such problem. Thanks to the digital technology. All the types of such problems may be solved with some of the smartphone image editing apps. Rather it would be easy with these apps but what about how real it looks matters. That’s the main reason why Photoshop will be apt for such type of issues.

Did you ever think of what causes the red eye? If you don’t know, I’m here to let you know. When the light from the flash hits the subjects’ eyes, it enters through the pupil and is reflected by the blood vessels at the back. This makes the pupil appears to glow in red color. To avoid this red eye effect, you should avoid using the smartphone camera flash. Instead, you can use an off camera flash.

Red Eye in Photo

If you had to use the camera flash, Photoshop is the solution. Even, some of the other photo editing apps can also do. They have a dedicated red-eye tool to fix this problem. Now, let’s go for the solution in photoshop.

Step 1: Open the red-eyed image in photoshop and duplicate the image. Make the background as a separate new layer by clicking “Ctrl+J” on the keyboard.

Step 2: Select the red eye tool from the side bar. Click and hold on the healing brush icon. Use the keyboard shortcut “Shift+J” for this.

Red Eye Tool in Photoshop

Step 3: Leave the pupil like that and let the Darken Amount set to their default value of 50%.

There are two methods to by which red-eye tool can be used.Simply click on the red pupil and photoshop will auto-select the affected area

Method 1: Simply click on the red pupil and photoshop will auto-select the affected area

Just remove red eye in few clicks

Method 2: Using the red-eye tool, click and drag to form a box around the subject’s eye. This will allow the tool to limit only around the box which you have selected.

Step 4: You can now, use the combination of both the methods to completely remove the red-eye. Or you can even use one of these methods more than once until the red-eye is fully removed to appear like a natural black eye.

Final Output of red eye removal

Now, you are done with removing the red-eye totally from the subject. Thanks to the digital image editors like the photoshop which helps us to fix such problems in just a few clicks.

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