Add Live Photos to your Instagram stories


The option to upload Live Photos shot has been added by Instagram on iPhone and turn them into Boomerangs in a new update released to its users this week. All this from within the app itself. At present time, the only limitation is that Live Photos can only be used in your stories, not in your main Instagram feed. Although this may change in the future.

I will show you how to turn your Live Photos into Boomerangs in your Instagram stories in this post.
You must have Live Photos available on your device in order to upload them first and foremost. As Instagram won’t let you shoot a Live Photo directly from the app, the Live Photos have to be available in your Camera roll. Due to the time limitation put on what can be uploaded to your Instagram stories. Within the last 24 hours in order to be visible in the image picker, your Live Photos also have to be shot.

How to turn Live Photos into Boomerangs in Instagram stories


1) Launch the Instagram app. To create a new story, click on the Camera icon in the upper left corner.


2) To reveal photos swipe up on the screen from your Camera roll that is eligible to be uploaded to the story.


3) Select the Live Photo you want to upload to the story.

4) Once your photo is loaded in the editor, by pressing firmly with a finger 3D Touch on the screen. You will see a loading wheel appear on the screen briefly, and the word Boomerang flash. You have created a Boomerang based on your Live Photo.


5) Proceed to annotate the animated GIF. Then share it to your story as you would with any other video or photo.

It seems that the Boomerang will capture a fraction of a second before and after the moment you actually took the shot while I am not entirely certain about this. Definitely, you will have to time the shot of your Live Photo right.

This same update also brings support for the wide color capture and display of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, on top of this new feature.

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