How To Upload Files to Dropbox Using Email


Without the help of any Apps, we easily upload any files from the mobile phone, by simply attaching them to an email address. If a number of users are working in group means, everyone can upload the content to a common space without knowing the login ID of others.

Using Email send files to Dropbox:

            The Dropbox is the most popular file storage. It is also the sync service on the web but it does not support the email based files yet, but they offer an API, that lets the creation of a host of the third party services. The and are used for this purpose.


But using this led to the problem of feeling uncomfortable in trusting our important files with unknown services and also they are not having a solid business model and may be not for long periods.

One can transfer the files to the Dropbox folders by sending them to an email address and is also there are no limits on the file size and also we don’t depend on other services.

The steps are as follows,

Step 1:

Create a Gmail account and it will automatically become the email address of the Dropbox of the user. To attach bigger files, use Hotmail, since Gmail allows the user to attach only the files up to 25 MB in size.

Step 2:

Now get the Mail Attachment utility and configure it, so it will check the user account for every ‘n’ minutes, to see there are any new emails. This utility helps to connect the user’s email account via IMAP or POP3. This utility also fetches any new file attachments from the user’s Inbox.

It makes the download as the separate files, and will not as the actual message of the email.


Step 3:

Under the Mail Attachment utility, set the ‘Save Location’, to any sub-folder of the user’s Dropbox folder (i.e) the email uploads. Then click the close button to minimize the app and the utility will check for any new files in the background.

Now, compose a new email message and attach some files. Send those files to the Dropbox address. Then these will be available in the user’s Dropbox folder within a minute.

If one wants their friends to upload the files to their Dropbox, share the Dropbox email address with others. Reset it once after the task.