Advantages and Limitations of Cable Internet Connection

The cable internet connection is possible with using cable modems. Now-a-days, as more number of  persons are using the internet. This causes traffic congestion on the net, due to the lower bandwidth, it results in slow speed and expensive internet access. The demand of using high speed internet is increasing rapidly. To encourage the growth of internet in homes, offering internet through cable is the best way.




In US, millions of homes are enabling the high speed internet access with cable modems. It provides a lot advantages like

  • High bandwidth
  • High availability
  • Low cost
  • Always on connectivity
  • It reduces the use of other services such as telephone or internet.


  • Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is called as the data transfer rate.  Cable modem provides higher bandwidth. It access with speed of greater than 30 megabites per second. Most of the providers are offering service between 1 Mbps and 6 Mbps of bandwidth for downloading. And for uploading they are offering between 128 Mbps and 768 Mbps.

The connection speed also varies depending on the number of users in the given area and the amount of data used by the persons having the cable modem.

  • File Transferring:

When we are using the cable modem, the priority will be given to the data moving one direction. This is because the same lines are used for transferring data.

The downloading speed is faster but the uploading speed is slower.

  • Quality of integrity:

Even though, the cable internet are transmitted long distances with little degradation, the quality of the signal integrity will not decrease with the distance between the modem and the cable provider.

Cost and risks:

Comparing  to the other type of connections like PSTN connections, ISDN connections,  the cost of internet with cable internet connection modem is very low.

But the cable modem involves the higher security risk comparing to the diapup connections and it should be tied with the cable TV subscription.


 The cable modem also includes some limitations, they are

Always stay on connection:

The cable modem have to be always stay in connection with the internet. This makes the computer mare vulnerable for hackers. The computer will always stay in online unless it is turned off  or manually disconnected from the internet.

This provides the option for hackers to gain access to your computer anytime.

  • It provides traffic congestion on net.
  • It needs higher security.
  • Have to be tied with cable TV subscription.