Is it possible to get a refund for your Pokemon Go in-app purchases?

Pokemon Go can be downloaded for free to play, but in-app currency can be bought with in-app purchases that can be used to get more PokeBalls, storage space, Lures, and many more. So What is the main purpose for anyone to have a refund? Well, if accidentally, you or a child bought something, or if you did not get for what you paid, it is completely legal to ask for a refund.

Recently was also the Pokemon Go updated to remove a characteristic — footprints to specify proximity to track. Basically, the demand could not be maintained by the servers, so the developers eliminated it till they got it fixed. Unfortunately, this leads some people to wish for refunds, they feel that they don’t have a feature to use the items they bought.

Personally, I’m all right with footprints going on for now, and I’m able to catch as much as I did ever. But, whatever be the reason for you, if you feel that your reason is lawful to want a refund for Pokemon Go in-app purchases, you can click below to get it.

  • Getting a refund using on the web
  • Getting a refund using iTunes on Mac or Window
  • Getting a refund using your iPhone or iPad

Getting a refund for Pokemon Go in-app Purchases using the web

If you simply prefer to the sidestep iTunes or you are not on your computer, you can still use any web browser to request a refund using. The below steps can be followed to get a refund using a web browser.

  1. Go to problem reports page in Apple:
  2. Then log in with your username and password.
  3. Choose a selected tab—all, movies, music, books, apps or TV shows.
  4. Search for the purchase you want to get refunded.
  5. To the right of the purchase, you will find Report a Problem, select it.refund
  6. Select the reason why you want the refund.
  7. Fill in the appropriate description.
  8. Click on Submit.refund

Getting a refund using iTunes on Mac or Windows

  1. Launch iTunes either on your Mac or Windows PC.
  2. At the top, click on your name and select Account Info in the drop-down .
  3. Enter your password when prompted in order to proceed.
  4. Under your Purchase History, click on See All .
  5. Click the arrow next to the purchase batch that consists of the purchase you would like to get a refund for.refund
  6. Click on Report a Problem next to the single purchase you would like to get a refund for, unless there is only one, then you may make use of the large, Report a Problem button.
  7. You will route to Apple’s website. After signing in, simply follow the steps and request the Refund option, explaining the reason.refund

    Getting a refund using your iPhone or iPad

    No links have been created by Apple to report a problem with the iTunes Store apps, when you are stuck using the web on your iPhone, iPad or even on iPod touch. Even you can directly go to report a problem through your email receipt if it is more convenient.

    1. Launch Mail from your Home screen.
    2. Find for “Your receipt from Apple”, if it isn’t visible immediately visible.
    3. Tap on the receipt for the purchase your want to be refunded. (There’s no any way to tell which receipt is which unless you tap it to open it, and most importantly if you remember the date, so you might end up tapping a lot…)
    4. Tap the purchase that you want to report.refund

    From this point, you are in Safari and perform the same steps which have been described in the web browser section.

    Note on refunds

    Typically, App Store refunds take a day or two to complete the process of refunding your Pokemon Go in-app and you might get connected with Apple support to verify your reason why you have requested.

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