Now is the time! You finally have decided to work out and shift to a healthier lifestyle! However, the transition isn’t going to be easy as it appears. Of course, there’s the fear of going to the gym and looking foolish, especially when you bring or wear the wrong things. Is this your current dilemma as well? If so, then the topic I have written for today will surely benefit you! In this article, I have listed some of the essentials that every newbie should know to avoid any embarrassing beginners’ mishaps. So without any further delays, let’s begin…

Gym Workouts


I’m sure you’ll hear lots of varying opinions on the most basic gym essential, but I believe having the right pair of sneakers should be on top of your priority. And I say this with emphasis because most of your activities are supported by your feet. Sneakers aren’t just to suit your taste for fashion. Actually, their basic purpose is to protect your feet from potential injuries. So aside from the aesthetics of the gear, it is very important to consider comfort and features such as insulation, absorption, conductive, resistance to friction, etc.

Sneaker for Gym

Water Bottle

Another important thing to bear in mind during your workout sessions is to stay hydrated. And this is very important because we lose precious water from our system as we progress. And neglecting our body with such needs compromises our organs to function properly. In extreme cases, it could even lead to dehydration. Probably, the best way you can remind yourself to take water once in a while is to bring a water bottle with you. Always opt for bottles that are made of stainless steel and well-insulated to keep water temperature.


Wearing a tracksuit is a no-brainer. Although you may find them being used as a fashion outfit, their true main function is for athletic and training purposes. The clothing is characterized by its soft and cozy fabric, which makes them more appropriate in colder places because it keeps you warm and comfortable all throughout the training period. Another advantage of these clothes is that they are easy to wash and don’t harbor unpleasant odors. In addition, tracksuits can be worn for casual purposes and not just for gym use.

Gym Bag

There’s no doubt that gym bags are an inevitable necessity. Because let’s face it, where do our gym essentials go, right? However, another angle you have to look at is the quality of the bag you’re going to use. Since you’re bringing it regularly (once to twice a week, perhaps), it does matter that the bag doesn’t easily fall off. Never settle for the price only because you may end up making more expenses than it should be. Therefore, it is important to check the durability of the bag first and foremost. In addition, you may also want to choose the ones that are comfortable to carry with proper ventilation that clears out the unpleasant odor.


Last but definitely not least is headphones. Although they’re not as essential compared to the other items I have listed here, listening to music is important nonetheless in helping you gain momentum as you go about your training. Of course, not all of us have the same taste for music. Thus, to prevent distracting other gym-goers, it is highly advisable to bring your own headphones. In addition, it is recommended to use wireless ones for maximum comfort.

Headphone for Gym

Final Thoughts

Of course, it could be especially daunting if it’s your first time going to the gym. But this should be no problem if you have the desire to gain a better way of living, right? Also, having the right essentials for this endeavor is important to somehow help you put your mind at ease. With this being said—be sure to take note of the items I have listed in today’s list and have a productive training period ahead!