A Method To Power An Entire Room Wirelessly

power an entire room

Free roaming wireless power is always a dream for an engineer which until now hasn’t come to reality. A huge number of technical obstacles have prevented the wireless power to become a reality. But Disney researchers have successfully developed a method to wirelessly power an entire room. This will provide full coverage of an average room and power all the devices.

It’s also said that the researchers describe their methodology of delivering nearly 1900 watts of energy (power) to a room with an efficiency of 40 to 95% depending on the position. The 1900 watts of power falls within the federal guidelines of specific absorption rate (SAR). SAR is a measure of energy that a human body can absorb before it becomes dangerous. But the devices in the room should use that energy to prevent the hazard.

The room needs to be specially built and designed to provide wireless power. The walls should be made of aluminum panels and a copper pipe that must be placed exactly in the middle of the room. This copper pipe should touch the ceiling from the ground.

There have been 15 capacitors installed in the middle of the pipe to set resonant frequency. This will isolate the electric field fed into the room from the 1.32MHz signal generator.

When the system is switched ON, the room is filled with the magnetic field and a receiving coil. This coil is tuned to resonate at the same frequency to power the devices in the room.

Remember to maintain a minimum of 46 cms distance from the pole. These problems can be resolved with a more reactive system and some interior designed. Since Disney has developed a method to power an entire room wirelessly, there won’t be a problem to charge your mobile phones or anything else.

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