How ‘Chai Business’ Made This American Woman A Millionaire

Brook Eddy - Bhakti Chai

Hippie culture in the United States is very popular, Brook Eddy is the most impressed American woman in this Hippie culture. In 2002, Swadhyay, a social change movement originated in India and became popular. Brook Eddy got impressed in this movement and visited India. In a short period of time, she traveled whole North India and got attracted by tea made in India. With this gesture, she started to find the taste difference between different tea.

Brook Eddy back to the United States

Brook Eddy, who traveled around India, came to his home in Boulder, Colorado, a state in the United States. But still, her love on tea was not reduced. In the United States, coffee shops are more but the tea shops are very less. There is not even a shop in Brook’s residence area. As a result, Brook prepares tea as same as flavor made in India.

In 2007, she started producing tea and made her friends and relatives to taste it. After this, she started a small business, and Brook planned to convert it into a trade in good reception.

Bhakti Chai

Brook, who planned to have a special name to bring it to the trading market, decided to name it as Bhakti. Brooks planned that this name would be the name of the Indian divinity as the Indian taste. Brook, who has decided to sell her product in the Boulder area, approached some coffee stores in that area and introduced the most famous ginger tea. It was also sold under the brand name Bhakti.

Brooke joined the alliance with the famous Pinnacle Foods in the region to sell across the Boulder area. So she was in the shortest period of time acquiring a great deal of customer and business. After few years of business, Brooke led the Bhakti company with an investment of about $10 million.

Next step growth

She decided to prepare the teas in the ready-to-drink method. Through this, she hoped to sell its products in most parts of the United States. At present, there are about 26 people working in the Bhakti Company. It consumes about 3 lakh pounds of ginger per year from Peru for making ginger tea.

Majestic growth

Bhakti Chai has so far earned $35 million, which is expected to be the largest in the tea trade market in the United States. The total market value of the tea market in the world is $ 3.7 trillion. Brook said he believes that the revenue of Bhakti Chai will rise to $7 million in 2018.

Brook Eddie, who is planning to expand the Bhakti Chai Company, can cope with some issues in expanding the business. But it’s very difficult to get customers in the drinks (beverage) section. Brook said the competition was too much. Followed by this, Since 2015, the company has donated $5,00,000. It is noteworthy that even nowadays Brook Eddy continues to visit India.

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