Oxygen In Space With An Artificial Leaf

Artificial leaf can make oxygen in space with water and light


We already know that it is difficult for humans to survive in any place without oxygen. Like, traveling to space and places where there is no oxygen other than the Earth makes it almost impossible to survive. Well! We get oxygen from plants. And think if we take the plants along with us to space and wherever we go. But the thing is plants can’t survive in environments where there is no gravity like space. Then what we can do to get oxygen in space?

Here is a solution for that. “Silk leaf: man-made artificial leaf” for the supply of oxygen in space. It can create endless oxygen by just using carbon dioxide, light, and water. And Yes! Now we can take these biological oxygen factories into space without land, soil, sunlight, water, and gravity which are the requirements of a forest.

Julian Melchiorri has created a Silk leaf that biologically functions as a leaf to release oxygen by taking CO2, H2O, and light. The artificial leaf consists of chloroplasts where photosynthesis occurs and it is suspended in the body made of silk protein. Melchiorri says that the chloroplast has an amazing property of stabilizing organelles. He also says, “As an outcome, I have the first photosynthetic material that is living and breathing similarly as a leaf does.”

In addition to this, Melchiorri wants the technology of producing oxygen to be literally used inside and outside the Earth. This man-made artificial leaf – “Silk leaf” that provides oxygen in space is not only meant for space tripping but also for space colonization. You can take a survival in space having this plant with you.

These Silk leaves won’t just be handy for exploring the far reaches of the galaxy. They can be used as biological air filters or oxygen producers on the earth. Now it becomes easy for the space travelers to make trips into space with this artificial leaf – silk leaf which makes it easy for breathing indoor and outdoor the Earth making oxygen available in space.

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