Make Windows 10 Taskbar Transparent Fully

The taskbar in windows 10 is not transparent by default settings. As there is an option below the personalization section of settings app to show the taskbar transparent, there is no possibility for making the taskbar transparent 100% or you can adjust the transparency level as you like.

The windows 10’s taskbar can be modified in different ways. As there are applications out there for making taskbar and start menu fully transparent, many of them are not well-suited with windows 10.That said , if you are waiting to adjust the transparency level of the taskbar or make 100% transparent, Classic Shell is the perfect software for the job.

And before you even start wondering, let us tell you no need to necessarily activate Classic Shell’s Start menu one by one to adjust the transparency of the taskbar.


Change Taskbar


With Classic Shell, you can simply adjust the taskbar dullness and still add a glass effect to the taskbar to improve its look. So as to adjust the taskbar transparency, simply follow the directions which are given below.

As said before, if you prefer to maintain the original Start menu of Windows 10, you can do it by configuring the setup to install only Start menu and its settings.

Make taskbar 100% transparent or adjust transparency level

Step 1: View This page of Classic Shell, and download the most recent available version.

Step 2: open the setup file, and when you see the subsequent screen please uncheck all options except Start menu and Classic Shell update if your intention is to use the program just for adjusting the taskbar transparency.

Change Taskbar

Step 3: After completion of program installing, you will be presented with the following screen. Click Controls tab and then choose the options as shown in the image below if you want to continue by using the start menu of windows 10 without starting Classic shell’s start menu.Change Taskbar

Change Taskbar

And if you want to use Classic Shell’s Start menu, please choose one of the accessible styles and then continue to the next step.

Step 4: Click Windows 10 Settings tab, check the box labelled customize taskbar if it is not verified already, choose Transparent as Taskbar look, and enter a value between 0 to 100 for adjusting the opacity. If you wish to add the blur effect, please pick Glass option.Change Taskbar

Click OK button to apply change.

These are the methods to follow for changing Taskbar transparent as fully or 100%

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