Natural Remedies for Ulcers

Home Remedies for Ulcers

In today’s emergency world, many people are suffering from the ulcer. The main reason is not eating at the right time. If the ulcer comes, there will be symptoms of severe stomach pain, heartburn and leaven burp. If the ulcer problem starts, it should be noted early on. Otherwise, they will move to the surgeon. Well, let’s see some simple home remedies for ulcers in stomach!!!

Cold Milk:


Those who suffer from ulcer problem can drink cold milk which will reduce the heartburn.



It’s good for ulcer patients to drink almond milk. Soak almond for 8 hours in water and peel off the skin then eat it daily. This will reduce the effect of the ulcer. Learn more about best home remedies.

Gooseberry juice:

Gooseberry Juice

People with ulcers are advised to drink gooseberry juice with honey.



If you eat 2-3 bananas every day with milk, you can get rid of the ulcer problem.

Bael Patra/Bilva Leaves:

Bael leaves

If you chew the bilva leaves 1-2 in the mouth every day, the stomach sore gets better.



Cook cabbage in boiling water and drink the water with carrot juice and you get good results.

White pumpkin juice:

white pumpkin juice

People with the ulcer, drinking white pumpkin juice will get recover soon.

Fermented buttermilk:

Fermented Butter milk

If the fermented buttermilk is consumed by the ulcer patients, the bacteria in the buttermilk will treat the ulcer.

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