Things You Don’t Know iPhone Could Do


iPhone is estimated that they can do 10% of what consumer electronics are capable of. iPhone has a number of features and can download a variety of apps. The best thing about iPhone is its battery when compared to other companies. You might know well about an iPhone if you own one.

Do you think that there are a few things I’m sure no one will know that iPhone could do? And yes! There are 10 things that iPhone can do which you never knew.

Let us get in to know those.

1. Teach Siri how to pronounce:

Sometimes it happens that Siri pronounces words incorrectly. Next time when Siri takes a wrong pronunciation, say that that’s not the correct way to pronounce that word. Then it will give you a list of its try and offers you a few options of how it’s supposed to pronounce. Now you can select the best option among those. And here after it’ll use that pronunciation for that word.

2. Siri can read out loud your text messages:

Do you know that Siri can read out loud your text messages? Only the thing you need to do for Siri to read the text messages aloud is just press the home button and hold on until you hear a beep sound. Then give a command to Siri, “Read my texts”. It can even send a reply after reading out the received messages. Also, it can read the text message again for you if you wish.

3. Take snaps with the volume button on your headphones:

It might be a little tricky to take a selfie in a normal mode. Whereas this method will help you take pictures. Open the camera app as usual because it’s quite hard to get a complete app into a single button on the headphones. First, set the camera screen as required and then press the volume-up button on the headphones. You can now see the captured picture in your phone gallery.

4. Omit light instead of Sound:

If you wish to set your iPhone in silent mode, sometimes it may happen that you may miss any call. But enabling this option will omit light when there are any notifications to be shown. To enable this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Scroll down and tap on LED flash for alerts. Then move the slider to turn it ON. Now whenever you get any notifications, the LED flash will blink.

5. Respond to texts without unlocking your phone:

There’s an option for iPhone users to respond to the texts without unlocking their iPhone. When you are in driving or doing something, it might be a difficult task to unlock your phone and then reply. This option will be useful in such situations. When you receive a text message, just swipe left on the message. You will find a blue reply button. Click on that and you can send text messages to the sender of that message.

6. Read articles without distracting ads:

It would seem interesting for anyone to read articles free from advertisements. It’s now possible for the iPhone users to read articles without ads. Safari has this tool built in itself. Just click on the small “Reader” button located on the left of the URL. Then you can enjoy reading the articles without any ads that may distract you.

7. Reminders by location:

Usually, we use reminders to remind us at a specified time. But there are reminders based on locations which are supported in iPhones. Go to reminder app on your iPhone, make a reminder and then select the option, “remind me at “X” location”. After which you have to specify your current location or an address of a particular (present) location. It will then ask for if you want to be reminded when you leave or when you arrive at the “X” location. This may eat up your iPhone battery since it works with the GPS.

You may also use Siri to remind you at a location. In Siri, to remind to call someone, you need to have the contact of the person specified in the reminder.

8. Hidden Trackpad:

While composing a message, you can use the keyboard as a trackpad. Type the words in the space. Then simply press and hold on the keyboard and the cursor will automatically become a mouse-like trackpad. Keep the thumb on the screen and drag the cursor to highlight the part of the text. This may be useful when you want to change the composed text message or email before sending or saving it.

9. Give better vibrations:

You can set different types of vibrations for every kind of notification. For this, go to Settings > Sounds > Vibrations. Here you can create new vibrations to your own buzzing patterns. You can name them as you wish. Each of the vibrations can be used for different notifications like one for text, one for emails, one for a call, and so on.

10. Block calls:

Always getting calls from an unknown person or a telemarketer? You can block the calls so that you won’t get their calls again. Click “i” button beside the call that you wish to block. This will take to a page with their details of contact number, recent calls, and much more. Swipe the screen down, you can find “Block the caller”, click on that. You are now permanently free from calls from this number.

I’m sure, you have known the new thing that iPhone could do. Make use of the features of your iPhone as much as possible. Hope, these 10 things about iPhone will be useful for you in one or the other way.

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